All-Terrain Back-Up. G-Technology ArmorATD | Professional Photo Magazine

While, naturally, none of the abovementioned treatments is recommended, the rugged G-Technology ArmorATD Drive won’t be defeated so easily. Despite measuring just 130.05mm x 87.12mm x 21.08mm, this is a device that’s been designed from the ground up to thrive and survive more onerous terrains, and it will take more than a little unintended on-set abuse to diminish its capabilities. Underneath that innocent-looking compact exterior there’s triple-layer shock resistance serving as a first layer of defence and, added to that, those precious files are housed inside a rain and dust-resistant enclosure with a 1000lb crush rating.

In short, this tough little device can take a beating, so is less likely to let you down in the middle of a shoot and, for good measure, models within the range offer up to 5TB(3) of storage to ensure more photos and video content can be safeguarded. The device is also USB-C ready and USB-3.0 and Thunderbolt 3 compatible for lightningfast transferral of data at up to 140MB/s(4) in the field. Ready to go with both Mac and Windows(5), the icing on the cake is a three year limited warranty in the highly unlikely event it stops functioning.

Available in storage sizes from 1TB up to 5TB and with prices starting from just £79.99, this is one corner you most definitely can’t afford to be cutting in your business.

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