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to connect it to a computer, which puts a few restrictions in place. Step up to a Tricaster Mini Advanced HD-4 and you can get around these, but the cost has gone up to £5,500. It totally depends on what the customer is after but you’ll always have the reassurance that we’ll never recommend something we don’t think you might need.

“It’s the same with audio. This is an area that can prove difficult for those moving into streaming for the first time, but if you have a poor-quality soundtrack on your production it can ruin the entire presentation. We can recommend microphones that will transform the quality of the audio you achieve – the Sennheiser AVX range, for example, comes with an XLR plug and uses the 5GHz wavelength that’s legal to work with all around the world, and it’s a really good outof-the-box solution.”

The message is clear: if you’re a photographer eyeing up the potential that live streaming is offering then, unless you’re already up to speed on the technology, it pays to talk to the experts before you run the risk of investing in something that either won’t give you what you need or can’t subsequently be added to if you’re looking to upgrade in the future.

CVP will take the time to listen to you, its expert team will recommend the kit you need to get you to the initial point where you want to go and they will be with you all the way should you have any technical queries or be looking to upgrade in the future. It’s the perfect introduction to technology that can be challenging and you owe it to yourself to work with a partner that wants to help you succeed.

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