Does Experience Make us Better? 

I can edit much faster than I used to

This new edit took about 3 hours, which is about half the time it took me back in 2013.

Wacom tablets are amazing

I have used Wacom tablets since the start, but these days I use a Wacom Intous M. If memory serves me right I used to use the Wacom Bamboo.

Retouching Toolkit

The Retouching Toolkit is powerful & will speed up your workflow. Make sure you check out my article all about this amazing program.

Infinite Colour Panel

Just at the Retouching Toolkit saves me time, so does the Infinite panel range, make sure you check out the article about this too.

Good Hardware

Back in 2013, I had an OK computer, but now I have invested some cash and have something custom-built, which lets me run some pretty awesome dual monitor setups.


There is just no substitute for experience. Watching back on the timelapse I did of the old edit is crazy. I used some old techniques that I would never use today.

Getting Advice

If we are not learning we are not evolving. Find some amazing workshops or communities. Get involved and see what you can learn from other people.


Never be afraid to fail. Trying new things is always tough, but, it is the best way to find out what works for you.

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