Great, Instagram now has ads even in Reels

A whole bunch of ads is one of the worst things on Instagram. Only Reels have been spared, but not for long. Instagram has started testing ads in Reels in four countries, but there are more to come over the next couple of months.

As of today, Instagram’s TikTok-esque feature contains ads in India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia. Just like Reels themselves, these ads can last up to 30 seconds (wow). As for the format, they will look similar to those in Stories – they will be vertical and full-screen. However, you’ll be able to interact with them more than you can with the ads in Stories: you can add comments like them, even save or share them. But thankfully, you can also skip them.

At the same time, Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, adds ads to Stories. More specifically, Facebook Stories will soon have sticker ads, which will be tested over the following weeks. These stickers look like, well, stickers. But if you tap on them, “magic” happens – you can go to the seller’s online store and buy the product from the ad.

I guess it’s no surprise that Instagram is bringing ads to Reels as well. I think it was only a matter of time, actually. Thankfully, I still don’t fall into the group of countries where the new feature is tested, but I’m pretty sure I’ll begin to see even more ads pretty soon. Sigh.

[via The Verge]

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