Investing in the Future – Student Advice with MPB

HAVING A FINITE AMOUNT of money to play with comes with the territory if you’re a student but, then again, if you’re studying photography or video at a high level you’ve got no choice but to invest in kit that can effectively support you through your studies.

This is a time when every penny matters and some expert advice can count for a huge amount. So, when first year student Zak Thompson approached Professional Photo to enquire how we thought he might most usefully spend his limited budget, we called in the experts at used kit specialist MPB to give him the best feedback possible.

“I started my Broadcast Media Technology course at Leeds Beckett University last summer,” says Zak, “and up to now I’ve been working with a Canon EOS 1300D, an 18MP hybrid model that can output 1080p video. However, I need something with a lot more in the way of specifications to undertake the course I’m on, and so I know I need to invest in kit that has more of the features I need.”

Zak’s first thought was to buy new, with the freshly introduced Sony a7S III, one of the best video-enabled mirrorless models currently on the market, near the top of his wish list. However, with no second-hand models available at present and a price tag approaching £4000 body only, it was beyond his means. With a more achievable budget of around £2000 or so for a body and couple of lenses, however, the second-hand route offered a solution.

With a bewildering array of options on offer Zak needed advice, and who better to come to the rescue than used kit specialist MPB? The company has helped to transform this section of the market, taking much of the risk out of the process of buying second-hand by checking, grading and photographing everything that’s offered for sale and, as well as buying from a trustworthy outlet, you also have the reassurance of a six-month warranty. It’s an opportunity to dip into a treasure trove of used gear, which can still do a fantastic job and often for a fraction of the price of new.

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