New Sony A9 II firmware fixes flicker and lets you close shutter when switching lenses

One of the big issues for many photographers when it comes to mirrorless cameras is keeping that sensor clean – particularly when cleaning lenses. With DSLRs it’s easy. When they’re not actively taking a shot, the shutter is closed up tight and the mirror’s flipped down. With mirrorless, on the other hand, the sensor is often completely exposed.

This was a problem with the Sony A9 II, but now a new v2.00 firmware update fixes that, by letting you close the shutter when turning off the camera. The new update also includes features to reduce flickering from artificial light sources, improved Remote Camera Tool functionality, improved Face/Eye Priority AF features and various other functions.

While the ability to close the shutter when the camera is turned off is an important feature for many, it is but one of the new changes that come with the v2.00 firmware. Here’s the complete list…

Benefits and Improvements from the latest update

  • Adds the Hi Frequency flicker function, which allows you to reduce the impact of flickering of artificial light sources (e.g. digital signage, electronic signboards, LED lights, etc.), by more finely adjusting the shutter speed
    NOTE: The Imaging Edge Remote, Imaging Edge Mobile, and Remote Camera Tool software will not be supported after April 9th, 2020
  • Improves the Face/Eye Priority in the AF function:
    • When set to a custom key, the Face/Eye Priority in the AF function can be activated or deactivated each time the custom key is pressed
    • If Face/Eye Priority is already set to custom key, this improvement will be available after the camera is updated
  • Improves the Remote Camera Tool function by adding support for displaying Focus Frame for almost all scenes
    NOTE: Version 2.00 (or later) of the Remote Camera Tool is required. Please update to the latest version.
  • Improves the FTP transfer function
  • Allows the camera’s MAC address to be displayed as a QR code
  • Adds a function to close the shutter when you turn off the camera to prevent dust or debris from adhering to the image sensor when you change lenses
  • Allows you to save or load the customized camera settings to My MENU
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera

For updated function usage and additional information, please refer to the ILCE-9M2 Help Guide. Additionally, a revision has been made to the instruction manual according to this update. The latest version of the instruction manual can be downloaded from referenced website.

Such shutter functionality has been an issue for some Sony shooters for a long time and, as PetaPixel notes, it’s also been a common request for mirrorless cameras from other manufacturers, too, like the Canon EOS R. There is some debate about whether or not it really matters. After all, if the dust is landing on the shutter blades instead of the sensor, it’s still trapped behind the lens. So, it still may ultimately end up on the sensor once the camera’s in use. But, if you’re one of those people for which this has been a concern, here you go.

To find out more about the changes and download the latest Sony A9 II v2.00 firmware updater for Windows and Mac, head on over to the Sony website.

[via PetaPixel]

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