Nikon teases three new Z-mount lenses: 400mm, 600mm and micro 50mm

Nikon has just updated its Z-mount lens roadmap and added three new lenses. Silhouettes of three new primes have been added, and they are 400mm, 600mm, and the “Micro 50mm.”

When you look at the roadmap, you’ll notice that there are more than three silhouettes. But some of them were already teased in the previous lens roadmap update. In the latest one, three new lenses have been added, and they have also been included in the roadmap on Nikon’s website.

Sadly, we can’t tell you a lot more at the moment other than the focal length of the lenses. You can expect a 400mm and a 600mm telephoto, and a macro 50mm lens. If there are no surprises (such as the pandemic that takes over the world and stops everyone in their tracks), Nikon should officially announce these lenses by the end of 2022.

[via DPReview]

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