Nikon to Release Full-Frame Z5 and APS-C Z30


For months now, we’ve been hearing rumors about several new Nikon cameras debuting in 2020.

But just last week, Nikon Rumors revealed several nuggets of information regarding these new mirrorless models.

First, one of these cameras will likely be called the Nikon Z5, and will be a full-frame mirrorless body a step below Nikon’s current Z6.

The other Z-series model is labeled the Nikon Z30, which will sit underneath Nikon’s Z50 as the second APS-C mirrorless model in Nikon’s lineup.

Nikon Rumors also predicts a Nikon professional mirrorless camera (often referred to as the Nikon Z8 or the Nikon Z9) coming in “late 2020 or in early 2021.”

Nikon Z30 and Nikon Z5 may soon be released

Thus far, Nikon’s mirrorless lineup has remained fairly limited, especially when ranged against competitors such as Sony and even Canon. Aside from the Nikon Z50, which debuted in October 2019, we’ve seen no new mirrorless models from Nikon. So the predicted Nikon Z30 and Nikon Z5 should inject some much-needed options into the Nikon ecosystem, especially for entry-level snappers who require a more powerful alternative to compact cameras, smartphones, and APS-C DSLRs.

The truth is, Nikon has lagged behind both Sony and Canon in the mirrorless race. It wasn’t until last year that Nikon offered a single APS-C mirrorless body, the Z50, a camera that remains out of the reach of many consumers thanks to its near-$1000 USD price tag. The addition of a Nikon Z30 should help round out the bottom part of Nikon’s lineup, and hopefully indicates Nikon’s commitment to expanding into the affordable mirrorless market.

On the other end of Nikon’s lineup, we have the Z6 and Z7. But while these two cameras are well-regarded in the photography community, Nikon still lacks a full-frame model positioned against the Canon EOS RP, as well as (potentially) the upcoming Canon EOS R6, a gap which the new Z5 will likely seek to fill.

Interestingly, another recent rumor suggests that the Z5 may not include a built-in electronic viewfinder, but will instead offer it as an accessory. Personally, I find this questionable; if Nikon decides to test this design, I’d expect it to happen in one of the lower-end cameras, potentially even the Z30. But not in the Z5, Nikon’s only full-frame mirrorless body to debut since 2018.

Regardless, we should know soon enough! And if you’re a photographer looking for a cheaper Nikon mirrorless body, keep your eyes peeled. We should have more news before long!

Now over to you:

Which of these mirrorless models are you more excited about? And do you think Nikon would drop the built-in EVF on the Z5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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