Nisi – An Invitation to Upgrade

NiSi UK has announced an upgrade promotion that enables those who are looking to move across to its highly regarded filter range the opportunity to trade in their existing filter holder from any manufacturer – including out of production NiSi holders and the V5 Pro – in return for a 20% reduction on a wide selection of NiSi holders, filters and kits. To seal the deal NiSi will even throw in a £5 coupon to cover the cost of shipping!

The offer lasts until July 15th and to take advantage you need to head to the special NiSi site to sign up and to submit an image of the holder you wish to trade in. If the trade-in is approved, NiSi will respond with a shipping address and, as soon as they receive your holder, you’ll be emailed over a 20% discount code and a £5 shipping voucher.

For those who’ve been considering an upgrade to NiSi products it’s the ideal opportunity, so make sure you don’t miss the deadline.

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