Tested – PortraitPro 21 | Professional Photo Magazine

The user interface is super simple to negotiate, featuring named sliders under specific categories and a large ‘before and after’ toggle of the image to make changes very straightforward to manage. Drop an image into PortraitPro 21 and it gets to work using AI facial recognition, mapping the subject’s face whilst applying the adjustments it thinks will enhance the portrait.

This means that the first time we see the image in the software it’s already had a series of adjustments applied. These are subtle, ensuring that our subject still looks authentically like themselves, but with certain skin smoothing, blemish removal/reduction, facial sculpting etc, already applied to give us the best version of that portrait. It’s AI that’s got us to this point but it’s then possible to use the sliders to override the automated changes to suit the needs of the image if required.

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