The Move Towards Motion Part 8 – Shooting For Stock

The two platforms do different things. offers busy content producers the chance to let us take care oftheir work by leaving the online business to us; we curate their content and deal with the online distribution, and they earn income through our channel. Instaclip, meanwhile, is hosting most of our own video clips and we use it as a sales platform.

Q How do you decide what makes a good clip?

It comes down to experience and personal taste. We’ve been working with clients producing content on a professional level for many years. But we also stay up-to-date by reading filmmaking blogs and we research the web for great content and fresh ideas.

Q Do you have a dedicated filmmaking camera?

For our film work we use a Sony FS5.M2 with an Atomos recorder to record in 4k Apple ProRes and slow motion. But we also rent cameras for shootings in order to experiment with them and to get different results. For the photography part, we use Canon DSLRs, ranging from a 1D to a 5D. That way we can produce the best possible quality.

Q What’s the market like for motion stock?

For most contributors it’s a passive income that supplements their main one. Only a few can make a living from it. I think the future is bright for anyone on the stock platforms if they can create impressive and original content and stick to market demands. Everyone should be looking to up their game to compete against the many brilliant artists offering their work online.

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