The Power of Printing – Get 10% Discount on Permajet Papers

“I was really looking forward to seeing what the new printer could do in combination with PermaJet papers,” he says, “especially since the Pro-300 comes with the same Lucia Pro ink-set that’s used in the Pro 1000, which is universally recognised as being one of the highest quality printers around. This compares to the standard Lucia set employed by the Pro-300’s predecessor, the Pro-10s, and I was expecting to see an improvement and certainly wasn’t disappointed.”

To help him put together his review Michael worked with a wide selection of his favourite PermaJet papers, namely FB Gold Silk 315, FB Royal Gloss 310, FB Pearl 300, FB Distinction 320, Smooth Pearl 280, Museum Heritage 310, Portrait White 285, Portrait Rag 285, Gallery Etching 310 and Titanium Gloss 300, all used in tandem with PermaJet’s excellent range of free downloadable profiles.

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