Video – Affinity Photo Tutorial – Single Shot Solution

This is a supplement to the article in issue 174 of Professional Photo

Traditionally an HDR image, where extra detail is teased out of a scene’s highlights and shadows, requires multiple files, but Affinity Photo can create the effect from a single shot.

YOU’VE HAD A successful trip out with your camera and you’re now back at the computer, reviewing your images and, as you go through your shots, you start to wish that you’d made a little more out of the location by shooting an HDR sequence to capture more detail in a particular scene’s shadows and highlights. However, even at this late stage all is not lost, since Affinity Photo gives photographers the chance to create a 32-bit HDR file from a single Raw image.

This is a big deal as rescuing detail in the frame can make the difference between uploading the file to a stock site and making some money from it – justifying the time spent travelling to the location in the first place – or resigning yourself to dumping the file in the trash.

The technique for creating a single-file HDR sounds complicated but is actually very straightforward and can be done in a few minutes. So, let’s get started and see how this technique comes together…


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