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Martin has undertaken numerous conventional model shoots over the years and is well versed in the challenges and opportunities that are offered by studios and locations. However, remote shooting was something new to him and, given the fact that all other avenues were closed off, if he wanted to continue shooting he had little choice but to take a look at this option.

“I’ve actually found it to be a really good and positive experience,” he says, “and the fact is that, if you can come to terms with it, this potentially gives you the chance to work with models that you might never otherwise be able to use because they’re just too far away. The images you receive are every bit as good as if you had been in the studio yourself, so there’s no loss of quality, and now that I’ve done a few shoots, both in the studio and on location, I’m starting to get a feel for it. I’ve worked with Zoi three to four times now as well as five or six other models, who have been based all around the world.”

Martin is a member of the Tethered Together Facebook Group, a small group of worldwide models and photographers that’s growing daily, and a visit there gives clear idea of what’s possible. There’s a huge variety of images posted and a complete range of skill levels, but what is coming across very clearly is that when a top model is properly set up and is working with a photographer who has mastered the skill set required to remotely direct a shoot, then the

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