Brennan And Comey Actions Were ‘As Close To Treason As You Can Get’

Former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, said that the attempt by John Brennan and James Comey to take down Donald Trump was “as close to treason as you can get.”

Giuliani: “I Think They Have Comey”

Speaking to New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” Giuliani put the blame firmly on John Brennan, the former Director of the CIA and James Comey, the former Director of the FBI, for the being the ones behind the attempt of the intelligence agencies and the deep state to take down President Trump, something he said amounted to “as close to treason as you can get.”

Describing his thoughts as “an inexperienced prosecutor’s hypothesis,” Giuliani said that he thinks “Brennan ran this damn thing,” particularly that Brennan was behind the “Papadopoulos-Carter Page part of it because that’s a very elaborate counter-intelligence plan — kind of a stupid one.” He said that while Brennan was smart, he “goes overboard, he makes a lot of mistakes, which is why he was in trouble all his career.” This suggested the surveillance of Carter Page, President Trump’s former foreign policy advisor, was his doing.

“So, that one I’m sure is orchestrated by CIA,” he added. “And who the hell would’ve done it in the CIA but a screwball like Brennan?”

Giuliani theorized that the government now “have Comey… despite the fact that he got let off a couple of times.”

“Attorney General Barr was saving it for the really good case, the one that comes pretty close to treason, because what they did after [Trump] was elected, I don’t say that it’s treason, but it’s as close to treason as you can get,” adding that the FBI, CIA and deep state “wanted to take out the lawfully elected President of the United States, and they wanted to do it by lying, submitting false affidavits, using phony witnesses — in other words, they wanted to do it by illegal means,” he continued.

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Lock Them Up Mr President!

The former New York Mayor summarized that this was tantamount to “a coup,” and “treason.” I couldn’t agree more with this. What else do you call attempting to overthrow a government via subversive, and illegal means? The deep state never wanted President Trump to take office, and they’ve been doing their hardest over the past almost 4 years to get him out. I truly hope that President Trump’s recent social media posts signals that action will truly be taken against these traitorous vipers once and for all. To paraphrase the old campaign chant: lock them up!

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