Dems Will Keep Economy Locked Down To Ensure Trump Loses

Rush Limbaugh argued that Democrats will do everything they can to keep the economy locked down so President Donald Trump doesn’t get re-elected.

Limbaugh: Republican Governors “Doing The Right Thing” By Opening Up

Speaking on his radio show on Tuesday, Limbaugh said that it should be “sending red flags up” to the American people, that all the blue state governors are keeping their states locked down. Why? Because the blue states will therefore be depending on the red states who are opening up and kickstarting their economies to “create capital and money to transfer to pay these people their stupid welfare costs (and whatever else they’re using to bleed this country dry), while their population sits home, doesn’t work, waits for the federal check to show up,” all the while the blue state governors will “sit around and they trash the supposedly reckless red states.”

Limbaugh praised Governor Brian P. Kemp of Georgia, and other Republican governors, for “doing the right thing” by opening up their economies and “trying to get their people back to work, for all the right common-sensical human and humane reasons, to protect lives, to protect livelihoods, the United States economy, the state economy.”

In the Democratic states, however, they’re doing the exact opposite.

“They shut down and lock down, and they want to remain locked down until July or August or whatever – and nothing’s gonna open and nothing is gonna happen,” Limbaugh said, adding that they “fully expect the red states to sit there and essentially pay for it.”

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Democrats Are Using Coronavirus To Take Down Trump!

The acclaimed radio host said that these next four months “are gonna be veritable war like we have not seen,” as the “American left and the Democrat Party is going to do its best to keep this economy shut down, to extend and expand that shutdown, and blow up their own country’s jobs, just to ensure that Trump loses.”

It wouldn’t surprise me that this is the case. The Democrats have said before that they want to “exploit” the coronavirus crisis to push for big government spending and aid packages, so why wouldn’t they use it to also take down President Trump as well? We have to keep an eye on what they’re all doing, and call them out on their tricks. The more the public knows about their aims, the more their little schemes won’t work.

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