Footage Depicts Looting Frenzy In CVS During George Floyd ‘Peaceful Protest’ In Tampa

The Tampa, Florida police department has released footage of a looting frenzy at a CVS Pharmacy which transpired May 30 while a George Floyd protest at Nearby University Square Mall morphed into rocks, bricks and bottles being launched at riot-geared law enforcement officers.

This particular CVS is on the southwest corner of the University of South Florida, approximately one mile from where heavily attended police officers and sheriff’s deputies worked side by side to quash any looting potential in the mall. Realizing they would be thwarted by cops, looters marched a few blocks south and targeted a CVS store.

Although effectively closed by a keen-thinking store manager who sized up the revolution outside, mass crowds nevertheless pummeled and pulled at the CVS front door roll-down shutters until breached, allowing unmitigated entry leading to the plunder. In the following video we see the scramble of thievery and hear the panic-stricken employees still in the store as throngs of looters storm in and divert in every direction. Wisely, the store manager was on with Tampa 9-1-1 operators while chaperoning his employee out the back door. Watch and listen:

Tampa police have released the above video on June 12, asking the viewing public for help in identifying any suspects seen in the free-for-all plunder, to include prescription drugs.

In a press release, Tampa police reached out to the community and offered a reward for information: “Detectives are asking for help from the community to identify any of the looters who stormed the CVS at N. 30th St and E. Fowler Ave. on May 30. The group in this video hijacked a peaceful protest and used it as an opportunity to commit acts of vandalism, theft, and destruction of property. The crowd gathered in front of the store, which was closed due to the protests near University Square Mall, before shattering glass and raising the shutters to gain entry. The two employees who were in the store at the time were placed in fear as they fled from the building. Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay, Inc.”

This piece was written by Stephen Owsinski on June 13, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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