If Businesses Require A Mask, That’s Fine; Government Should Never Force It

The government should NEVER be able to force its citizens to wear a mask, and I am positive you agree with me when I write that.

Businesses, however, have every right to REQUIRE a mask be worn at all times on its property, and the government should not enforce/endorse/or get involved in that decision.


If a customer doesn’t like that rule, they can find a business owner who is happy to take a chance with them. They can spend their money somewhere else. Those of us with a little common sense will wear our new stylish masks and be on our merry little way while they drive around looking for a place to accommodate their selfishness.

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Where I am now, face masks have been required any time you leave your property almost since the pandemic began. People made their masks, and everybody’s okay with it. Yes, there are arguments about whether or not they work, but that’s an argument for another day.

I have no problem wearing one. But I see a lot of people who are wearing it on their head or under their neck and even under their nose. You might as well not wear it at all.


The concern I have is when officials said masks would not protect anyone from the virus. This is the message that was conveyed in the beginning. It was a lie, of course, to give health care workers more probability of getting masks when supplies were short.

Now the message that is being conveyed is that everyone should wear masks. When you lie to the public and confusion abounds- people get frustrated and will do whatever they want.

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At this point, I don’t think it is a problem wearing face masks, it’s an anger issue born of frustration. People are beginning to feel we were and are being lied to. People don’t trust the numbers of COVID-19 anymore. If you truly felt like you were going to get this flu or truly give it to someone else, you would voluntarily wear the masks. It’s just people who don’t believe their government leaders any more or CDC.


Some small part of American society has a susceptible, possibly overreacting gene that senses when enough is enough from the government’s heavy hand. They probably dumped the tea at Boston Harbor and fired the shot at Lexington & Concord, while many argued just to pay the taxes.

This strain is present in our culture today and, though it does appear at odd times, I appreciate it’s presence.

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Masks are a valuable tool to improve and protect public health. I say to the people who refuse to wear them that they can stay home!

It’s NOT too much to ask that people be required to wear them, because it’s not about protecting you from others! It’s about protecting others from YOU!



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