Leslie Jones Calls For Rioters To “Burn Down This F*cking Constitution”

The “comedian” Leslie Jones said that the rioters on the streets right now should focus on voting in order to “burn this f*cking constitution.”

Jones: “We Tore Sh*t Up Son!”

In a video posted on Twitter, the former Saturday Night Live star first admitted on her involvement in the Los Angeles riots in 1992.

“I was 22 when the LA riots happened, and I’m telling you, I tore sh*t up. I had a sledgehammer, all that sh*t. We tore sh*t up son,” Jones said, but noted that the riots ruined many poor areas of the city that have never recovered even 30 years later.

Despite this recognition of the damage that violent riots do, Jones said she loves that people are out “protesting” (aka, looting and attacking innocent people). Her real criticism of the rioters is not their violent actions, but their inability to truly change anything in her eyes.

“I’m gonna tell you, to get the f*ck what you really want, we’re going to have to change the fucking system. And to change the system, we have to f*cking vote,” Jones said.

“So as hard as you guys are going and protesting I pray to the good Lord y’all go this hard when it’s time to vote. They want you to do this sh*t so they can call us thugs,” she added, repeating the conspiratorial theory that the President and authorities want these riots to happen.

“You want to burn down buildings? Burn down this f*cking Constitution,” Jones said. “And we do that by fucking lifting our voice, by fucking voting. That’s our real voice. That’s how we really show them.”

Extremely Violent Rhetoric From Hollywood!

I think this is some of the most violent rhetoric I’ve seen from the Hollywood liberal elite right now. Of course, they’re all supporting the “protests,” but many of them are claiming they are just peaceful and it’s only a few bad actors doing the rioting. However, Jones fully backs the actions of the rioters here – she has absolutely no moral qualms with them destroying property, because she did the exact same things herself in her youth! I wonder how many of tomorrow’s celebrities will have participated in these riots today.

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