Minneapolis Rioters Take Down Columbus Statue That Was Created By An Immigrant

Rioters in Minneapolis have torn down a statue of Christopher Columbus that was built by an Italian immigrant as a gift from their community.

Columbus Taken Down By Rioters

The statue of Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer who rediscovered America, was created by Carlo Brioschi, an Italian immigrant to America, in 1931, and was dedicated to the city of Minneapolis as a gift from his community.

The statue had stood outside the Minneapolis capitol since then, until some Native-American activists decided to follow the recent wave of tearing down monuments to tackle this statue of Columbus. They argue that the explorer represents their colonization and “genocide,” and therefore shoudn’t be celebrated.

It was subsequently torn down in dramatic fashion:

Mike Forcia, one of the leaders of the vandals, told Reuters that the toppling of the Columbus statue “was the right thing to do and it was the right time to do it.”

It follows the removal of another statue of the explorer in Virginia, which occurred in a rather more violent manner. Following a “peaceful demonstration outside of the statue in honor of indigenous people,” the statue was ripped up from its foundation, vandalised with spray paint, set on fire, and then dumped in a lake.

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This Is Erasing History!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think we are really living in a crucial point of history right now. The toppling of statues and monuments usually occurs during pivotal moments in a nation’s history, and I don’t believe this is any exception.

The radical left are attempting to erase the past, erase our heritage, and it’s not just in America – the Virginia statue that was dumped in a river followed one in the UK that was dumped into a canal. This is a worldwide movement, determined to cause as much damage as they possibly can.

It’s only going to get uglier from here. In London on Saturday, around 35,000 people are expected to turn up to defend monuments and statues from being defaced, and this is in a country without the Second Amendment. It won’t take long until good, hard-working Americans also get too angry and upset at their history being torn down, and start counter-protesting.

It only takes one little spark to light a bonfire.

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