Rob Reiner Says โ€˜We Will Find Out How Many Racists Live In Americaโ€™ On Election Day

The radically liberal Hollywood personality Rob Reiner just launched yet another unhinged attack on supporters of President Donald Trump, saying thatย โ€œwe will find out how many racists live in Americaโ€ on Election Day.

โ€œTrump is a stone cold racist who is running his campaign as a proud White Supremacist,โ€ Reiner tweeted. โ€œOn Nov.3 we will find out how many racists live in America.โ€

Reiner not only loves to shame President Trump, he enjoys going after his supporters as well. Last year, he claimed that all Trump supporters are โ€œracist,โ€ attempting to shame millions of Americans in the process.

โ€œThe President of the United States is a racist,โ€ Reiner tweeted. โ€œHeโ€™s made it abundantly clear his re-election is based on white nationalism. If you support him, there can be no distinction between you being a racist and a racist enabler. They are the same.โ€

Last month, Reiner tweeted, โ€œTrumpโ€™s 2020 election platform: Kill as many Americans as possible.โ€

Before Trumpโ€™s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last month, Reiner claimed that Trump did not care about the health of his supporters who attended.

โ€œFeeling Americans are devastated by the heartbreaking loss of life from the dual viruses of racism and corona,โ€ he tweeted.ย โ€œOur President, a sociopath, doesnโ€™t care. Heโ€™s even ok if his cult followers in Tulsa die. Nov. 3 canโ€™t come soon enough.โ€

Perhaps Reinerโ€™s most infamous of all attacks on Trump came when he outrageously accused him of being an accessory to murder over COVID deaths.

โ€œIโ€™m not a lawyer, but it seems to me if youโ€™re the most influential person in America and you tell the public that a deadly viral pandemic is a hoax & countless citizens accept that as reality, do nothing to protect themselves then end up dead, you might be an accessory,โ€ he tweeted in March.

Like the true Hollywood narcissist that he is, Reiner seems to think that these attacks on Trump will actually accomplish something when it comes to stopping him from being reelected. Hereโ€™s hoping that Reiner learns the hard way how powerless he really is come November.

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on July 4, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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