‘The President Has Been A Failure In Every Way’

On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that President Trump “has been a failure in every way” when asked about how his administration has handled the coronavirus epidemic.

Cooper said to Pelosi, “Madam Speaker, President Trump claims, ‘We’re in a good place,’ those were his words, ‘in this pandemic.’  He’s pushing, obviously, for schools to reopen, but says the CDC guidelines are too tough, expensive and impractical, hasn’t been to a coronavirus task force briefing since April and Dr. Fauci, now, says he hasn’t seen the President in more than a month and hasn’t directly briefed him in more than two months.”

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Pelosi: ‘The President…doesn’t listen to the scientists.  It’s very, very sad’

Cooper then asked, “Should the American people listen to anything the President says at this point regarding coronavirus and, if not, who should they listen to?”

Pelosi replied, “No, the fact is is that the President has been a failure in every way, right from the start.”

“His denial – calling it a hoax – his delay and all the rest have gotten us into a very bad place,” she continued. “But we want to go forward and where we go from here is not to listen to the President because he doesn’t listen to the scientists.  It’s very, very sad.”

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‘Now he’s messing with our children’

“And, now, he’s messing with our children,” Pelosi added. “We all want our children to go back to school, but we want them to go to school safely. And that’s an absolute must for every parent and for every teacher in our country.”

President Trump has continued to say that schools should reopen in the fall and has even suggested withholding federal funds for those that refuse.

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