‎Millie 1931 — Drama / Crime Movie Full Movie

‎Millie 1931 — Drama / Crime Movie Full Movie

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“One rule for both sides” was the battle cry of this human tempest as she leaped the hurdles of the convention…determined to make all men pay for one man’s betrayal.

She hurled a woman’s laughing scorn into the face of men, “Get all you can and treat ’em like tramps..they’re all alike.

Millie learned that love can crush the heart that leers at love!

A drama so true it lives the hopes and desires of every woman who ever lived!

The Season’s Electrifying Sensation! Drama No Woman Dare Miss!

A magnet for every man except the one she loved!

Betrayed by one Man…She Despised Them All Only to Find Life Empty without Them…One Woman’s Story for Every Woman Who Ever Loved a Home and Children.

“Treat ’em like tramps…They’re all alike!” was the creed of this red-haired tempest who defied convention to make all men pay for one man’s betrayal.

Torn From Her Arms…….Child Of Love A Woman Can Give But Once.

IMDb Rating: 6.2 out of 10

Millie’s life begins to crumble when she finds out her husband is having an affair. —Sin Jack

Millie Blake has a love affair that goes wrong, so Millie plays the field recklessly from that point on. When she finds out that one of the reckless players from her past has now cast his spell on her daughter, she takes matters into her own hands and finds herself in a courtroom trying to find a better defense plea than mother-love and honor protection. —Les Adams (longhorn1939@suddenlink.net)

Rating Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer: NR
Audience Score: 25%

Young and naïve, Millie (Helen Twelvetrees) elopes with affluent New York City businessman Jack Maitland (James Hall) expecting a bright future. Three years and one child later, she learns Jack’s been cheating and leaves him, plunging headlong into the city’s decadent nightlife. She tries dating other men but is in each case let down and over time comes to distrust them altogether. Things come to a head when she catches an old flame (John Halliday) making a pass at her daughter (Anita Louise).

Plot: Spoilers?
Millie (Helen Twelvetrees) is a naive young woman who marries a wealthy man from New York, Jack Maitland (James Hall). Three years later, unhappy in her marriage due to her husband’s continued infidelity, she asks for and receives a divorce. Because of her pride, she does not want his money, but she also does not want to deprive her daughter of a comfortable lifestyle. She allows Jack and his mother (Charlotte Walker) to retain custody of her daughter Connie (Anita Louise).

Focusing on her career, she rises through the hierarchy of the hotel where she is employed, shunning the attention of the rich banker Jimmy Damier (John Halliday), preferring the attention of the reporter Tommy Rock (Robert Ames), although, due to her prior sour relationship, she refuses to marry him. Eventually, Millie is promoted to the head of operations for the hotel. At the same time, Tommy is offered a lucrative position at the bank by Damier as a favor to Millie. However, at the celebration party, Millie discovers that Tommy, just like Maitland, is cheating on her.

Betrayed a second time, Millie becomes very bitter. With her female cohorts, Helen and Angie (Lilyan Tashman and Joan Blondell, respectively), she becomes a woman who loves a good time, floating from man to man. This goes on for several years until she hears that Damier has taken an interest in her teenage daughter, Connie, who bears a striking resemblance to her. Millie warns Damier to leave her daughter alone, but, although he promises to stay away from Connie, he ignores Millie’s warning and takes Connie to a remote lodge to seduce her. Millie is tipped off, goes to the lodge with a gun, confronts Jimmy, and kills him.

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