Back From the Dead 1957 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Full Length

Back From the Dead 1957 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Full Length

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Did she come back to LOVE or KILL? His First Wife In His Second Wife’s Body!

A newly married young woman is possessed by the evil spirit of her husband’s deceased first wife. The possession turns her into a scheming killer who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. — (

When Katy Hazleton visits her sister, Miranda/Mandy, and her husband, Dick Anthony, Dick tells her of his concern over Miranda’s recent moody and strange behavior. Walking along the beach that night, Miranda hears strange voices, and when she returns home, she becomes hysterical and falls into a coma. When she recovers, she is hostile and claims she is Felicia and not Miranda. Dick tells Katy that Felicia was his first wife, who died in a plunge from a cliff. Miranda asks to see Mr. and Mrs. Bradley, parents of Felicia, and when she calls Ada Bradley “mother”, Dick and Katy realize she is possessed by “the other one.” Ada Bradley has been practicing black magic for six years and believes it is responsible for returning her dead daughter to her. Mr. Bradley, as one would expect, is horrified at both revelations, although the first one indicates he wasn’t paying much attention to what his wife was doing when she was puttering around the kitchen the past few years. That night “Felicia” tries to kill Katy by flooding her room with gas, but Katy awakens in time. Both of the Bradleys suffer strokes – long odds, not impossible – that night, and the old man dies while Ada is left paralyzed. The desperate “Felicia” seeks out Maitre Renall, also a black practitioner but on a grander scale than Ada Bradley, as the only person that can keep her alive. He promises to do so but only if she will make a blood sacrifice of an innocent victim. Nancy Corodell, jealous of Renall’s attention to “Felicia”, hears this, and Renall’s black magic gets tested by the hell-hath-no-fury method. —Les Adams (

Plot: Spoilers?
A happy vacation along California’s rocky coast for a pregnant Mandy Anthony (Peggie Castle), her husband Dick (Arthur Franz), and her sister Kate Hazelton (Marsha Hunt) is ruined when Mandy has a seizure, loses consciousness and miscarries. Worse, when she awakens, she says that she is “Felicia” and calls Dick “Dickens.” A stunned Dick tells an uncomprehending Kate that Felicia was his first wife and Dickens was her pet name for him – and that he’s never told Mandy of his first marriage, Dickens or Felicia’s death six years earlier!

Felicia demands to visit the Bradleys, an elderly couple whom Dick says that Mandy doesn’t know. They’re Felicia’s parents. She convinces them that she is indeed Felicia, back from the dead. Mrs. Bradley (Helen Wallace) is delighted; Mr. Bradley (James Bell) is horrified. Dick, upset by the reunion, tells Kate that Mrs. Bradley “was a strange, evil woman – Felicia, too” and that he was a fool to not face the truth. Meanwhile, Mr. Bradley says to Mrs. Bradley, “God will punish you for this.” Mrs. Bradley contemptuously replies, “You believe in your god. I’ll believe in mine.”

Dick invites his friends John Mitchell (Don Haggerty) and Molly Prentiss (Evelyn Scott) to the vacation house for cocktails. Afterward, Felicia tries to gas Kate in her bedroom – Kate survives when Mandy’s voice awakens her – then goes outside and kills their dog, Copper, who loved Mandy but hates Felicia.

The next day, Kate is at John’s house when neighbor Nancy Cordell (Marianne Stewart) drops by. She casually tells Kate that she and the Bradleys are members of Maître Renault’s (Otto Reichow) devil cult, as was Felicia. Kate expresses an interest and Nancy arranges for Kate to meet Renault.

Kate tells Renault that Mrs. Bradley has brought Felicia back. This angers Renault because he says, Mrs. Bradley went behind his back. After Kate and Nancy leave, Renault gazes lovingly at a photo and murmurs, “Now that you’ve returned, Felicia, I’ll never let you go again.” He fails to notice that a jealous Nancy has stayed behind and is watching him.

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