Before You Say 'I Do' 2009 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Before You Say ‘I Do’ 2009 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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To have a future, he must undo her past…

George’s fiancee regrets due to a bad marriage 10 years ago. George wishes that he could change things and suddenly finds himself 10 years back in time – days before the wedding. Can he change things? —Scott Filtenborg

George Murray’s fiancée Jane Gardner gets cold feet after accepting his ring, terrorized by her first wedding with Doug, who cheated that very day with their wedding coordinator. After a car crash, George finds himself 10 years in the past, just days before Doug’s day. And before he and his colleague-friend Harvey Blinton are to be cheated out of a brilliant career in advertising by sleaze-bag Jack Harrington. However, every change to the past starts a whole series, not necessarily for the better. —KGF Vissers

Adman George Murray is a romantic at heart, who believes that he and his girlfriend, free newspaper editor Jane Gardner, were meant to be together, no matter when they would have met. George wants to get married to her. Marriage-shy Jane accepts his proposal reluctantly, her fear based on the disaster that was her first marriage to philandering, Doug. Knowing how Jane feels, George is still in shock when she calls off their engagement. So when George makes an off the cuff wish that he had met Jane before she married Doug, George is instantly sent back in time to exactly ten years earlier, to three days before her wedding to Doug. After realizing what has happened and beyond dealing with the logistics of this past life, George goes on a mission to find Jane expecting that they will immediately fall in love at first sight. When that love, at first sight, doesn’t happen on Jane’s side, George goes on a further mission to make her fall in love with him, all the while not alienating her. In the process, George alters some other issues in the past, some unanticipated. —Huggo

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