Contact 1997 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Contact 1997 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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Get ready to take a chance on something that just might end up being the most profoundly impactful moment for humanity, for the history… of history.
From the Academy Award-winning director of “Forrest Gump” and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Contact” take you on a journey to the heart of the universe
A message from deep space. Who will be the first to go? A journey to the heart of the universe.
If it’s just us, it seems like an awful waste of space.
Get ready for human’s biggest discovery ever!

Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster), after years of searching, finds conclusive radio proof of extraterrestrial intelligence, sending plans for a mysterious machine.

She’s known it since she was a young girl when she would magically connect with distant voices on her father’s shortwave radio. She’s known it since college when she chose the search for intelligent extraterrestrial messages as her discipline. She’s known it since she bargained for just hours a week of satellite time to sweep the heavens for evidence. And she knows it every time she stares at the countless stars dappling the infinite night sky… Something is out there.

The film opens with a shot of Earth from space and an audio track of various samples of recognizable mass communications from world history. The shot suddenly begins to travel outwards from Earth at impossible speed, passing Mars, the Asteroid Belt of the Solar System, Jupiter, traveling through Saturn’s rings and leaving our Solar System. Travel continues even faster, seemingly faster than light, passing the Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula and out of the Milky Way galaxy. The trip passes through another galaxy, finally showing us a field of thousands of galaxies. After a few moments we pass through the iris of a young girl, Ellie Arroway, who is reciting an HAM radio greeting “C-Q” (“seek you”) in her bedroom.

Ellie has a gift for science and is encouraged by her kindly father to communicate with people in distant cities on her HAM. Ellie makes contact with someone in Pensacola, Florida, her longest communication yet at over a thousand miles from her home near Madison, Wisconsin. That night Ellie asks if she could ever have a transmitter powerful enough to talk to her deceased mother (who died in childbirth). Her father says he doesn’t know but suggests that Ellie is tenacious enough that she probably could accomplish such a task one day.

Ellie’s father dies one night while they stargaze. Ellie seems to blame herself for not getting her father his heart medication in time. Ellie grows up to become a brilliant astrophysicist, earns her doctorate and begins her research with SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute) at Arecibo in Puerto Rico.

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