Gemini Man 1976 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full Movie

Gemini Man 1976 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full Movie

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A man has a watch that makes him invisible when pressed. However, he can only remain invisible for 15 minutes or else he will stay invisible forever.โ€”pesavento

Sam Casey is caught in an explosion which makes him invisible. By using a stabilizer in the form of a wristwatch, he can remain visible. By turning off this stabilizer, he can become invisible again for short periods of time. Any more than fifteen minutes of invisibility will make him disappear entirely. He uses this invisibility as a secret agent. โ€”Anonymous

Plot: Spoilers?
The series starred Ben Murphy as laid-back denim-clad motorcycle-riding secret agent Sam Casey who, while diving to retrieve a fallen Soviet spy satellite, was exposed to radiation in an underwater explosion, which rendered him invisible. The agency he worked for, a high-tech government think tank called Intersect (“International Security Techniques”), found a way to return him to visibility and control his new power by the use of a special wristwatch referred to as a “DNA stabilizer,” which was invented by scientist Abby Lawrence (Katherine Crawford). Pressing a button on the digital watch would make him vanish, clothes and all, which was a helpful tool in his line of work, but he could only do this for 15 minutes per day or else he would die.

A pilot of the series aired on May 10, 1976, and the series began airing on September 23 of that year. Although 11 episodes were produced, only five were aired in the United States before the cancellation of the show, although the entire series was seen in Britain with the somewhat greater success that led to a record album and hardcover annual based on the show. Richard Dysart played Casey’s boss, Leonard Driscoll, in the pilot and William Sylvester played Driscoll during the series.

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