Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die 1966 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Trailer

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die 1966 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Trailer
Taglines: Girls, girls, girls…he has a way with ’em…he does away with ’em!
Mad menace in Rio! Wow, women & Pow action! Sizzling kisses and swinging
adventure! The ultimate weapon! The ultimate plot! Watch out for everything!
Rio…where the action is! Where all systems are go-go-go…
Rio…when it swings–right from the ground! Rio…where it’s really
happening, baby!

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IMDb Rating: 6.3 out of 10

In this spoof of spy films, CIA agent, Kelly, is in Rio De Janeiro spying on a wealthy industrialist, David Ardonian, who secretly plans to turn the world sterile and repopulate it with his harem. UK spy, Susan Fleming, helps Kelly.

An outlandish science-fiction, comedy-thriller full of tongue-in-cheek action, ingenious gadgets in the James Bond-style combining violence and tension with polished villainy and flippant espionage, as the resourceful CIA Mike “Mannix” Connors and British agents, Dorothy Provine and Terry-Thomas (both previously in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”) escape death-traps on land, sea, and air. —alfiehitchie

Anglo-American secret agents (Michael Connors, Dorothy Provine) foil a mad industrialist (Raf Vallone) out to sterilize the world.

Rating Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer: NR
Audience Score: 50%

Plot: Spoilers?
Financed by Red China, a Brazilian industrialist (Vallone) plans to sterilize the United States through massive doses of radiation courtesy of his satellite. He double-crosses the Chinese by scheming to sterilize the entire Earth, then personally repopulate the planet with beautiful women he has kidnapped and is holding in suspended animation. A down-to-earth CIA agent (Michael Connors), an aristocratic female MI-6 agent (Provine), and her chauffeur (Terry-Thomas), driving a Rolls-Royce car filled with spy gadgets, team up to stop the madman.

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