Marlowe 1969 — Crime and Mystery Trailer

Marlowe 1969 — Crime and Mystery Trailer

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Welcome to Marlowe Country!
Marlowe is the Best Private Eye in the Business. Just Ask the People He Does Business With

A young woman from Kansas hires LA private detective Philip Marlowe to find her missing brother. โ€”nufs68

Quiet young Orfamay Quest from Kansas has hired private detective Philip Marlowe to find her brother. After two leads turn up with ice picks stuck in them, he discovers blackmail photos concerning TV star Mavis Wald. She rejects Marlowe’s help, and this is forcibly underlined by her gangster boyfriend. So, wonders Marlowe, is there a link between Orfamay and Mavis? โ€”Jeremy Perkins {J-26}

James Garner is so good as Raymond Chandler’s philosophical gumshoe Philip Marlowe that you forget he’s totally wrong for the part. Based on Chandler’s The Little Sister, Marlowe involves the detective’s efforts to locate the missing brother of Orfamay Quest (Sharon Farrell). He follows the clues to two men who deny any knowledge of the brother’s existence. Since both men soon find themselves on the wrong end of an ice pick, Marlowe deduces that there’s more to this caper than a mere missing-person case. The plot thickens as more “dramatis personae” are added to the intrigues, including TV star Gayle Hunnicutt, Hunnicutt’s gangster boyfriend H.M. Wynant, and stripper Rita Moreno. A pre-stardom Bruce Lee shows up as a karate-happy thug who lays waste to Marlowe’s office shortly before suffering a spectacular demise. It is preferable to view Marlowe in videocassette or theatrical form; the commercial TV print cuts so much out that viewers are left with virtually nothing but protection leader and a few close-ups of James Garner.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
On a case to track down a missing person, Philip Marlowe (James Garner) is contacted by sweet Midwesterner Orfamay Quest (Sharon Farrell) to find her brother who had come to Los Angeles several years earlier. When Marlowe tracks down two men who knew the brother he discovers an ice pick in each man. Deducing there’s more to this case than meets the eye when he is questioned by the local Lt. Christy French (Carroll O’Connor) Marlowe suggests the trade-mark ice pick stabbing may be the work of well-known gangster Sonny Steelgrave (H.W. Wynant) but there seems to be no real connection he can prove. When Marlowe finds photographic prints of popular sit-com actress Mavis Wald (Gayle Hunnicut) and realizes she is the older sister of Orfamay Quest and the missing brother, many pieces to the puzzle start to fall into place. After a meeting with Sonny Steelgrave leads to a follow-up meeting with his crony Winslow Wong (Bruce Lee) who redecorates Marlowe’s office with Karate chops, Marlowe takes a meeting with a serpentine Dr. Vincent Lagardie (Paul Stevens) who attempts to sidetrack Marlowe with some special cigarettes. This leads Marlowe to the missing brother, and the most unlikely and beautiful suspect holds the key to the whole mystery.

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Plot: Spoilers?
Los Angeles private eye Philip Marlowe is hired by a Kansas woman named Orfamay Quest, who desperately wants him to find her brother, Orrin. Marlowe follows Orrin’s trail to a hotel, where he meets the desk clerk, Haven Clausen, and a guest named Grant W. Hicks, who both deny any knowledge of Orrin’s whereabouts. After Marlowe has checked out Orrin’s former hotel room, he finds Clausen murdered with an ice pick and a page torn out of the register book. Soon afterward, Marlowe receives a call from Hicks, who nervously implores him to hold onto something for a day. When Marlowe arrives at his location, he finds Hicks with an ice pick buried in his neck and is confronted by a masked woman, who knocks Marlowe out and flees. Marlowe searches the room and finds a claim ticket for a photographic film, which he does not tell the police about. The police reveal that Hicks is a former mob runner. Later, when Marlowe views the pictures, he is confirmed in his belief that there is more to the case than a missing person.

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