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Martian land | SCI-FI | HD | Full English Movie

Martian land – Full Movie HD by Bizzarro Madhouse

Director: Scott Wheeler
Writer: Jeremy M. Inman
Star: Lane Townsend, Alan Pietruszewski, Jennifer Dorogi

In the distant future, a large portion of humanity lives on Mars, in cities that resemble those once found on Earth. The cities are protected from the inhospitable Martian atmosphere by dome-like force-fields. When a massive sandstorm breaks through the dome and destroys Mars New York, those in Mars Los Angeles must figure out how to stop the storm before it wipes them out next.

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Martian land – Full Movie HD by Bizzarro Madhouse


20 thoughts on “Martian land | SCI-FI | HD | Full English Movie

  • 🎯 Yes VG65!! I know! A 🚬 in SPACE! Bad as MAKE-Up & Beautiful-Long Hair! At LEAST NO Tacky 🏜️ “ Star Trek POINTED SAND MOUNTAIN “ in the Background! ( like every 60-70’s movie HAD to have Peter Graves or Twilight Zone upcoming Future Stars , Maniac-Killer Robots! Or 30 yr old Actors posing in BLOB / Teenage Horror Movies! 😅🤣😂. God Bless. 👴🏼NoBody. PS- Know why I’m Pro-Gun??— just think to yourself to remember “ Jar Jar Blinks & Annoying Ewoks “- you know where I’m going… “ Spiced-Potted-Ewok-Meat-Sandwhich-Spread “ in a Can.! And Either Jar Jar or the writer who created him. 🤣.

  • It's hard to make a movie without lots of money and good top name brand actors but you gotta start somewhere

  • " formed in Olympus Mons"?
    Hmmm. Olympus Mons is a mountain. It's not someplace that has a place for storms, sandstorm, inside.
    It's a mountain!!

  • Don't understand how they have the technology to construct huge domes a mile or more in diameter but still haven't been able to control the weather on the planet. They use HAARP on Earth to do it.

  • OK, 15 minutes in and I hate the guts of the Head Female and her Gestapo assistant.

  • 🤦🏽‍♂️. I have one better- think THIS is Bad??- I ( unfortunately) watched “ Ghosts of Mars “!! The one with “Ice Cube “ , Old West. Space Center, and a Cast of Berkeley & LA Homeless as the Evil Possessed Spirits. ( The BOOGEYMEN from “ March of the Wooden Soldiers: 1934 Laurel & Stanley Version were SCARIER & more believable!) At least This Sad Movie has Space Ships, CGI Destruction Scenes and Ex-Porn Actresses! ( Every tine I see them on the screen here- I just CAN’T Get those ‘.. that was way back when I was a Desperate, Beginner Newbie in Lo. CA Movies!’ Deep-Throat Type Scenes! 🤤😵) Well, you got a Video Camera, Used sets from other movies, “ Copy-Cat Stereotype Actors/ Actresses” from the School-of-Over Acting at the Community College of Idaho.( And PLEASE! Do NOT forgive any of Their Fed. Student Loans!!! WE Suffer through this; they should be held Accountable too!) SOMEHOW- watching some of these- I’m reminded of the Story Plot from the Comedy “ The Producers “!! God Bless. 👴🏼NoBody. Actually too!- I’m just Jealous I don’t have $Millions Plus to start my Own Film Company.

  • you were the Smartest person on this Planet before i got here , lol

  • The only thing worse than a bad soap opera movie is a bad soap opera movie wedged into a bad sci-fi movie.

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