Mission Mars 1968 — A Sci-FI / Horror Movie Trailer

Mission Mars 1968 — A Sci-FI / Horror Movie Trailer

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A Fantastic Adventure into the Unknown!

Three American astronauts who land on Mars discover the body of a frozen Russian cosmonaut and a mysterious talking orb. —SgtSP@aol.com

In this spooky sci-fi film, three U.S. astronauts make their maiden voyage to Mars. Just before they arrive, they discover the lifeless bodies of two Russian cosmonauts. They find the third cosmonaut on the planet and reawaken him, but as soon as they do, a terrifying force attacks them.

Summary: Spoilers?
The United States launches three astronauts on a mission to land on Mars at around the same time that the Soviet Union launches its own secret Mars mission. On their way to Mars, the American astronauts encounter the drifting bodies of two Soviet cosmonauts, who they realize must have been buried in space. The American spacecraft lands safely on Mars, albeit farther away than planned from its accompanying supply capsule. The astronauts set out toward the supply capsule, leaving a line of balloons to mark their trail. They discover that there is a hole burned into the supply capsule’s hull and that the balloons have been removed. They also discover a third cosmonaut, standing frozen in a state of suspended animation, who revives once brought inside the American spacecraft.

The astronauts then encounter a strange creature (called a “Polarite”), which threatens them but which they neutralize by firing beam weapons at its single red eye. Ground controllers advise the astronauts that the Polarities seem to be robots controlled by an external influence. An alien sphere appears on the Martian surface; when Duncan, one of the astronauts, approaches the sphere he is dragged inside by a mysterious force and killed. The sphere is emitting a force field that prevents the American spacecraft from taking off.

An attempt to escape by using booster rockets from the supply capsule fails. The cosmonaut tells the Americans that the sphere can be deactivated by destroying a disc inside it. Nick Grant, the American geologist-astronaut, volunteers to do so and succeeds at the cost of his life. Col. Mike Blaiswick, the surviving American astronaut, and the Soviet cosmonaut escape Mars in the American spacecraft and learn that Blaiswick’s wife is pregnant.

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