Monster from Green Hell 1957 — A Sci-FI / Horror Movie Trailer

Monster from Green Hell 1957 — A Sci-FI / Horror Movie Trailer

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Atomic mutations with an appetite for flesh!
The mammoth monster that terrified the Earth! Too awesome to describe! Too terrifying to escape! Too powerful to stop!

A scientific expedition in Africa investigates wasps that have been exposed to radiation and mutated into giant, killing monsters.

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The American government inexplicably tries to send a box of wasps into space, but the mission ends when the rocket crashes in Africa. While on an expedition to recover the insects, an adventurer (Jimmy Lynn Davis) and his team find the wasps have grown to immense proportions due to accidental radiation treatments.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
The movie opens showing a rocket launch facility on a desert landscape. The narrator, Dr. Quent Brady (Jim Davis) tells us, “This is the age of the rocket, the jet, atomic power. When man prepares to reach for the stars. But before he dares to launch himself into space, there is one great question to be answered: What happens to live in the airless void above Earth’s atmosphere? Will life remain untouched, unharmed by its flight thru space? Or will it change into, what? There was only one way to find out and we were working on it.” Brady hands Dan Morgan (Robert Griffin) a guinea pig. The animal and insect life is loaded into a V-2 rocket. It is launched, and titles and credits are shown over scenes of rockets taking off.

Brady and Morgan talk about their successful launch into space. The radar operator (an uncredited Frederic Potler) announces he is losing contact. It was over normal velocity. Brady and Morgan walk upstairs to the computer room. Morgan reads figures into the computer. The answer comes only as an approximation. They refer to a globe and determine the rocket would land just off the coast of western Central Africa.

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Plot: Spoilers?
In preparation for sending a manned rocket into space, American scientists Dr. Quent Brady and Dan Morgan are put in charge of a program that sends various animals and insects into space to test their survival rates. After one of their rockets carrying wasps malfunctions and goes off course, a computer calculates that the rocket is likely to land somewhere off the coast of Africa. Sometime later, in a remote part of Africa, Dr. Lorentz and his daughter Lorna perform an autopsy on a native and determine that he died of paralysis of the nerve centers caused by an injection of a massive amount of venom. Arobi, Lorentz’s African assistant, then informs him that a monster is believed to be terrorizing people and animals in an area known as Green Hell.

Several months later, Brady reads a newspaper account of turmoil in Central Africa caused by gigantic monsters and surmises that the wasps in the missing rocket were exposed to huge amounts of cosmic radiation because an earlier, minimal overexposure had resulted in the birth of a spider crab twice the size of its mother. Brady and Morgan request a leave of absence from Washington and head for Africa to investigate.

In Libreville, equatorial Africa, the territorial agent makes plans for them to travel to meet Dr. Lorentz. Once the safari is ready, Mahri, an Arab, leads Brady and Morgan on the four-hundred-mile trek to Lorentz’s hospital. The safari battles brush fires, fever, drought, and storms, eventually reaching the Lorentz compound where Lorna informs them that her father has not returned from a journey to Green Hell. Later, Arobi arrives with the news that Lorentz has been killed by a monster living in the cauldron of a volcano and gives Brady a giant stinger he removed from the doctor’s shoulder. After Brady analyzes the stinger, he confirms that it belongs to a giant, deadly wasp. Although Brady advises Lorna to stay at the hospital, she insists on accompanying him, Morgan, Mahri, and Arobi to Green Hell.

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