Pete's Christmas 2013 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Pete’s Christmas 2013 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas… Over And Over And Over…
It’s Christmas… Every… Day…

A put-upon teen finds himself reliving the same miserable Christmas day over and over again. —statmanjeff

An overlooked middle child finds himself in an unexpected spotlight when he realizes his family’s terrible Christmas day keeps repeating. As the only one experiencing the day over and over, he decides to use his unique gift to give the holidays a makeover and his family a Christmas they will never forget. —Anonymous

Life is tough for Pete as he lives in the shadow of his football fanatic older brother and perfect, intelligent younger brother. His dad has recently lost his job and finds himself constantly at loggerheads with Pete’s grandad. Christmas Day has been an absolute disaster and Pete has to relive it over and over again. —Iantjambo

Fourteen-year-old Pete suffers through a thoroughly unenjoyable Christmas – his parents forgot to buy him a gift, his brothers left him in their shadow once again, bullies took particular glee in picking on him, and his father and grandfather got into a fight. To his dismay, when he wakes up on what was supposed to be December 26th, he discovers it is Christmas all over again. As he repeats the same terrible day, again and again, Pete slowly comes to realize that family is the best holiday gift of all. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi

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