Queen of Outer Space 1958 — A Sci-FI / Horror Movie Trailer

Queen of Outer Space 1958 — A Sci-FI / Horror Movie Trailer

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Man’s First Flight to Planet Venus!
Mankind’s first fantastic flight to Venus – the female planet!
SEE! War of the planets! Astounding she-beasts of Venus!
Millions of Miles Through The Unknown Universe!

American astronauts are drawn by a mysterious force to the planet Venus, which they find to be inhabited only by beautiful women and their despotic queen. —Gabe Taverney (duke1029@aol.com)

In this frankly, campy sci-fi film, a stiff-lipped spaceship captain and his two crewmen struggle to survive after their ship crashes on Venus. It doesn’t take long for the hapless voyagers to discover that the planet is run by voluptuous, man-hating women led by a hideously scarred queen.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
We open with a long shot of a rocket awaiting launch. Captain Neal Patterson (Eric Fleming), Lt. Mike Cruze (Dave Willock), and Lt. Larry Turner (Patrick Waltz) wait outside the Colonel’s office. When admitted they are introduced to Professor Konrad (Paul Birch) and told their next assignment is to take Konrad to the Space Station. They express disappointment at such an unimportant assignment, but Col. Ramsey (an uncredited Guy Prescott) cryptically tells them, “There are indications of serious trouble up there. Professor Konrad will tell you about it when you’re underway.”

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Plot: Spoilers?
In 1985,[1] Captain Patterson (Eric Fleming) and his space crew (Dave Willock, Patrick Waltz, and Paul Birch) take a rocket to a space station near Earth. En route, however, the space station is destroyed by an interstellar energy beam which also affects their rocketship. The space crew crash land on Venus and is captured. They learn the planet is under the dictatorship of the cruel Queen Yllana (Laurie Mitchell), a masked woman who has most men killed, keeping only mathematicians and scientists on a prison colony moon which orbits Venus.[2] In the palace, the astronauts are aided by a beautiful courtier named Talleah (Zsa Zsa Gabor) and her friends (Lisa Davis, Barbara Darrow, and Marilyn Buferd). The women long for the love of men again and plot to overthrow the evil queen to reestablish the “old order”.

Once Patterson is alone with the queen in her bed-chamber, he has the opportunity to remove her mask, revealing that her face is horribly disfigured due to radiation burns caused by men during a war between Venus and another planet “10 Earth years ago”. Later, in a fury, the queen decides to destroy Earth to protect her world and to preserve her own power. In the presence of her armed guards, Talleah and the crewmen can only watch as she aims the energy-beam “disintegrator” at Earth. Just after the queen activates the weapon, Talleah’s allies arrive. As a large struggle ensues, the disintegrator begins to malfunction, explodes, and the queen dies. Talleah is now the new leader of Venus and at a subsequent ceremony announces that Patterson’s rocket has been repaired and he and his crew can return to Earth. Talleah’s technicians have also repaired the “electronic televiewer”, which allows space command on Earth to contact Patterson. Command orders him not to attempt a return home but to remain on Venus for at least a year, until a relief expedition can arrive. Although the crew could return to Earth in their repaired ship, they are elated to follow orders and stay. The film ends with the men and Venusians celebrating in a flurry of hugs and passionate kisses.

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