The 27th Day 1957 — A Sci-fi Movie Full Length

The 27th Day 1957 — A Sci-fi Movie Full Length

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Terror From Outer Space!
Mightiest shocker the screen ever had the guts to make!
DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE 27th DAY (original print ad – mostly caps)
The 27 Most Terrifying Days in History!
Five people are given the power to destroy nations! What will they do? What would you do?

Aliens take five people, give them small capsules which can kill mankind without additional damage, with the understanding they will colonize Earth only if they use the weapons. —Director Gene

Five individuals from five nations, including the “Superpowers” (USA, USSR, and China), suddenly find themselves on an alien spacecraft. An alien gives each a container holding capsules. No power on Earth can open a given container except a mental command from the person to whom it is given. Each person has been provided with the power of life and death. Any of these individuals have the capability to instantaneously launch the capsules to whatever coordinates he/she chooses, and each capsule will then eradicate all human life within a 3,000-mile radius of its designated location. —Craig Chilton (

Five Earthlings are abducted by aliens and are each given a capsule that can release a weapon so deadly that all of human-kind will be destroyed. This is a test of sorts: if all five can resist using the weapon for twenty-seven days, mankind will continue on Earth, but should anyone of them release the weapon, all human life will be destroyed and the aliens will take the Earth as their new home. When their alien abductor makes the identities of the five known in a world-wide broadcast, they all become hunted either by the curious or their own governments. As the paranoia mounts, Man threatens to destroy itself through war, without the use of the alien weapo —garykmcd

A locked-in-the-fifties science fiction film, The 27th Day begins with five different people from five different countries suddenly disappearing from view. They have been gently abducted by the agent (Arnold Moss) of a faraway dying planet, who gives each of the five earthlings a “killing capsule” that will destroy everything on Earth and allow the residents of the alien planet to re-colonize the planet–but which will be ineffective if not used after 27 days. In typical Cold War fashion, the representatives of the “good” countries (including Gene Barry) refuse to utilize the capsules, while the Soviets, (personified by Azemat Janti and Stefan Schnabel) intend to deploy the capsules for their own nefarious purposes. Their perfidy only results in the utter decimation of the USSR.

Plot: Spoilers?
Englishwoman Evelyn Wingate, American reporter Jonathan Clark, Chinese peasant Su Tan, German physicist Klaus Bechner, and Soviet soldier Ivan Godofsky are randomly transported to an alien spacecraft in Earth orbit. There, they are met by a humanoid referring to himself only as “The Alien” (Arnold Moss), who explains that he is the representative of a world orbiting a sun about to go nova. Needing a new world to inhabit within the next 35 days, yet prohibited by their moral code from killing intelligent life, The Alien provides each of the five with sets of three capsules in a clear, round, hand-held case. Each capsule is capable of destroying all human life within a 3,000-mile diameter, with the expectation that humanity will use all the capsules, obliterating itself, leaving the Earth free for alien colonization. The capsules’ clear containers can only be opened by the thought waves of the person to whom they were given. Once out in the open, the capsules inside can then be used by anyone, but only during the next 27 days, after which they become inert.

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