The Fly 1958 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

The Fly 1958 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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If she looked upon the horror her husband had become… she would scream for the rest of her life!
Terrifying! Nerve Shattering! Bloodcurdling!
Horror Of The Winged Menace!
She had to kill the thing her husband had become — But could she?
Once it was human… even as you and I!
The monster created by atoms gone wild
The fly with the head of a man…! And the man with the head of a fly!
It’s the terror-topper first introduced to the public in “Playboy” Magazine!
100$ if you prove it can’t happen!
For your own good, we urge you not to see it alone!

A scientist has a horrific accident when he tries to use his newly invented teleportation device. —Kenneth Chisholm

Wealthy Helene Delambre (Patricia Owens) is discovered late at night in the factory owned by her husband Andre (David Hedison). Helene stands beside a huge metal press, which has crushed the head and arm of her husband. Held for murder, the near-catatonic Helene refuses to tell anyone–not even Andre’s brother Francois (Vincent Price)–why she did it. Francois cannot help but notice that Helene reacts in mortal terror when a tiny flies zips through the room. Nor can he disregard the statement made by Helene’s son Philippe (Charles Herbert) that the fly has a curious white head and leg. When Francois pretends that he’s captured the fly, Helene relaxes enough to tell her story. It seems that Andre, a scientist, had been working on a matter transmitter, which he claimed could disintegrate matter, then reintegrate it elsewhere. After a few experiments, Andre tried the transmitter himself. Just as he stepped into the disintegration chamber, a fly also flew into the chamber. We aren’t immediately shown the results of this, save for the fact that Andre afterward insists upon keeping his head and arm covered. Alone with her husband, Helene abruptly removes the covering, revealing that Andre now bears the head of a fly! His atoms have become mixed up with the fly, and now he is unable to reverse the procedure. Deciding that his transmitter will be a bogy rather than a blessing to mankind, Andre smashes the apparatus and burns his notes. He then instructs Helene, via body language, to crush his fly-like head and arm in the press. Neither Francois nor inspector Charas (Herbert Marshall) believes the story…until, while staring intently at a spider’s web in the garden, they see a tiny entrapped fly with Andre’s head and arm, tinnily screaming “Help me! Help me!” as the slavering spider approaches (If you’re wondering why Vincent Price and Herbert Marshall do not look one another in the eye during this scene, it is because they couldn’t deliver their dialogue without dissolving into laughter). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Synopsis: Spoilers?
The 1958 version of The Fly, written by James Clavell, based on a short story by George Langelaan, opens with title and credits shown over a screen with a small hole. We zoom in progressively until the hole fills the screen and a fly crawls into the frame.

The opening scene is at night, outside the factory of Delambre Freres Electronics in Montreal. A cat, Satan, is picked up by the night watchman, Gaston (an uncredited Torben Meyer). He starts his rounds. He hears the sound of a hydraulic press starting. Gaston sees a smartly dressed woman, who he later recognizes as Helene Delambre (Patricia Owens), stare at him in surprise. She runs away. He approaches the press and notices, in horror, that it is covered in blood.

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Plot: Spoilers?
In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, scientist André Delambre (Al Hedison) is found dead with his head and arm crushed in a hydraulic press. Although his wife Hélène (Patricia Owens) confesses to the crime, she refuses to provide a motive and begins acting strangely. In particular, she is obsessed with flies, including a supposedly white-headed fly. André’s brother, François (Vincent Price), lies and says he caught the white-headed fly; thinking he knows the truth, Hélène explains the circumstances surrounding André’s death.

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