The Giant Claw 1957 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

The Giant Claw 1957 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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Flying beast out of prehistoric skies!

Global panic ensues when it is revealed that a mysterious UFO is actually a giant bird that flies at supersonic speed and has no regard for life or architecture.

With wires barely showing to the naked eye, a gigantic low-budget bird from outer space swoops down, lays an egg on Quebec and threatens to destroy New York City until two romantically involved scientists team up with the US Air Force to stop it. Old-fashioned ’50s horror movie fun.

Synopsis: Spoilers
The movie starts with title and credits running over a giant bird’s claw. The first scene is a globe-circling in a cloudy mist and narration about man’s technology allowing faster travel and RADAR needed for protection. We are told new radar installations must be calibrated by flying controlled test flights. In just such an installation, a radar officer (Morgan Jones) and Sally Caldwell (Mara Corday) are the technical ground crew for a calibration test. Mitch MacAfee (Jeff Morrow) is the pilot flying a precision course, speed and altitude so the ground staff can do their calibration. Mitch asks if the Mathematician, Sally, has enough data to complete things. Sally wants one more run. As Mitch repositions his aircraft, he does a low buzz over the building upsetting Sally. The narrator tells us Mitch sees, “Something that was almost the beginning of the end of life on this Earth.” A large dark shape crosses his path. He reports it immediately. The radar officer reports nothing on the scope. MacAfee claims something as big as a battleship flew past him at incredible speed. An alert was sounded to scramble interceptor jets from the Air Force Base.

When Mitch gets back to base he inquires about the UFO he reported. Major Bergen (Clark Howat) is very unhappy. He tells Mitch if he were in the service hed have him locked up, but since he’s a civilian he intends to report this to MacAfee’s superiors. Bergen thinks the whole thing is a bad joke gone horribly wrong, as one of the interceptor jets did not return to base. He tells Mitch, “Plane and pilot both are missing.” Bergen gets a phone call. MacAfee reiterates it was not a joke or a false alarm. The call was about a Transpolar Airlines plane reported overdue and missing. It had sixty passengers and a full crew aboard. The last call from the pilot was reporting a UFO. Sally and MacAfee take their arranged military transport to New York.

Mitch and Sally are trying to work on their notes in the back of the airplane. The flight is experiencing turbulence. The pilot, Pete (Frank Griffin) tells Mitch he will climb over the bad weather over the Adirondack Mountains. He gets permission to climb to 12,000 feet. They are now in clear skies. Sally and Mitch continue their work in the back. Pete sees a huge gray shape pass him. He calls Mitch back upfront to tell him about the UFO. He thinks it might have been a cloud. The plane is jarred, like severe turbulence, and then it happens again. Sally is knocked to the cabin floor and Pete slams his head into the controls. Mitch takes over with one engine on fire. He crashes lands in an open field. Mitch carries Pete outside with Sally right behind. They clear the wreckage as the airplane explodes. Flaming wreckage lands around them. Pete dies of his injuries. Pierre Broussard (Louis D. Merrill) witnesses the crash and calls out for survivors. He responds to Sally and Mitch and helps them to his cabin. He gives each of them a glass of homemade applejack while they wait for the authorities.

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