The Incredible Shrinking Man — A Sci-FI / Horror Movie Trailer

The Incredible Shrinking Man — A Sci-FI / Horror Movie Trailer

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Almost beyond the imagination . . . A strange adventure into the unknown! [UK Theatrical]
Victim of weird mist! Day by day he shrinks! Science is baffled! Cat becomes a monster! Terror at every turn! Deadly spider attacks! Lost in a flood’s fury!
A fascinating adventure into the unknown!
The Most _Incredible_ Story – Ever!
Hour by hour he gets smaller – and _smaller_!
Moment by moment the terror mounts!

When Scott Carey begins to shrink because of exposure to a combination of radiation and insecticide, medical science is powerless to help him. —Gabe Taverney (

The screen’s great existential science fiction film, The Incredible Shrinking Man stars Grant Williams in the title role. While catching some rays on his brother’s yacht, Scott Carey (Williams) is enveloped by a mysterious dark cloud. Soon after, he discovers that he’s getting thinner — and smaller. Despite the assuring attitude of his family doctor (the inevitable William Schallert), Scott is losing an inch’s worth of height with each passing day. It is finally determined that he has developed an “anti-cancer,” a by-product of a new strain of insecticide. By the time he’s reached the size of a small boy, Scott has become world-famous. But the phenomenon has adversely affected his personality, turning him into a tyrant, lashing out at the world in general and his faithful wife in particular. An anti-toxin briefly halts the shrinking process, whereupon Scott joins a midget troupe, where he is briefly “accepted” for what he has become. But before long he’s shrinking again, becoming so tiny that he is forced to live in a dollhouse. When Scott is attacked by his pet cat, his wife assumes that he’s been killed; in fact, Scott, by now so minuscule that even a garden-variety spider poses a deadly threat to him, is hiding in his cellar. By the film’s end, Scott is no larger than an atom. Uncertain of what is in store for him, he steps out into the mists, summing up his newfound philosophy: “Smaller than smallest, I meant something too. To God, there is no zero. I still exist!” Adapted by Richard Matheson from his own novel, The Incredible Shrinking Man is enhanced by its superb special effects.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
Six months, after exposure to a strange and radioactive mist, Scott Carey begins to shrink. After facing such trials as confounded doctors and his angry cat, he accidentally gets locked in the basement, where he must battle a spider.

The title and credits are in white font over a black background, which dissolves to a swirling fog. We open on the shore with waves gently rolling on to a beach, then a boat gently bobbing on the ocean. Robert Scott Carey (Grant Williams) narrates a few lines, “The strange, almost unbelievable story of Robert Scott Carey, began on a very ordinary summer day. I know this story better than anyone because I am Robert Scott Carey.” Carey and his wife of six years, Louise (Randy Stuart) are resting on the bow of his brother’s boat. They are on vacation and soaking up some sun. Louise goes below to get Scott a beer. A strange cloud or patch of fog approaches. Scott attempts to make his way below, but the shimmery fog coats his head and body with what appears to be glitter before he can do so.

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Plot: Spoilers?
In the 1950s, Robert Scott Carey, known as “Scott”, is on vacation with his wife, Louise, when a strange mist covers him. Six months later, Scott notices his clothes are too large. Scott finds himself continuing to shrink, and seeks medical advice. At first dismissive, Scott’s doctor confirms his shrinking with an x-ray. Scott is referred to a medical research institute where it is determined Scott’s exposure to the mist, combined with his later exposure to a pesticide, rearranged his molecular structure causing him to shrink. Scott tells Louise in light of his predicament she is free to leave him. Louise promises to stay as Scott’s wedding ring falls off his finger.

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