The Pink Jungle 1968 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Full Length Movie

The Pink Jungle 1968 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Full-Length Movie

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Deep In The Jungle, They Hunted The Diamonds… The Woman… And Each Other!

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A South American fashion photoshoot turns into a diamond mine seeking adventure for an American photographer and his model. —nufs68

A famous fashion photographer is trapped in a remote South American country with a beautiful model and together with some unscrupulous characters, becomes involved in the search for a lost diamond mine. —Kevin Steinhauer (K.Steinhauer@BoM.GOV.AU)

James Garner plays a fashion photographer, on location in the South American jungle (the Universal backlot) to shoot a cosmetic ad with model Eva Renzi. Garner witnesses the death of a helicopter pilot, then becomes mixed up with a labyrinthine smuggling scheme. On the run from assassins who think he’s a CIA agent, Garner finds he must cast his lot with disreputable George Kennedy, who’s in the jungle to locate a diamond mine. According to some reports, The Pink Jungle was supposed to be a TV movie but was reshaped as a theatrical film. The storyline was based on Alan Williams’s novel Snake Water.

Plot: Spoilers?
An American fashion photographer, Ben Morris (James Garner), goes to Guadagil, a remote village in South America, to take pictures of model Alison Duquesne (Eva Renzi) for a lipstick ad. One of the lipsticks is called “Pink Jungle”.

She arrives soon after Ben does escort by Raul Ortega (Michael Ansara) from the tourist board. Within minutes of being landed the helicopter in which they arrived is stolen, leaving Ben and Alison stranded in the village.

Ben is hassled by Colonel Celaya (Fabrizio Mioni), a security officer anxious to get a promotion to the capital, who is convinced Ben must be a spy for the American government. But a search of Ben’s baggage finds only camera equipment and lipstick. Ben and Alison go to the town bar, where they are joined by Ortega. Meanwhile, two thugs assault and kill the helicopter driver, wanting information on how it had come to be stolen. The thugs are joined by Ortega, who is revealed to be their leader.

To relieve their boredom Ben and Alison rent a car to drive to the nearest town. On their way, the car is stopped at gunpoint by the same man who stole the helicopter. He forces them to take him with them. The hijacker is a boisterous South African adventurer, Sammy Ryderbeit (George Kennedy). He tells them he and his partner have a map to a fabulous diamond mine, but they need $2,000 to equip an expedition to get there.

In a bar in town, Ben and Alison meet with Sammy’s partner, an English ex-army man Captain Stopes. Also in the bar are Ortega and his men. Ben and Alison believe the entire tale of the diamond mine is a swindle. However, when Stopes is murdered in his hotel room, with Ben and Alison and Sammy suspected and pursued by the police, Ben is compelled to finance the diamond mine expedition as a way for he and Alison to sneak out of town. They are watched doing so by Ortega and his men.

Along the trail Ben, Alison and Sammy encounter McCune (Nigel Green), a devious Australian who claims to be Stopes’s former partner and says he has the only actual map to the mine. He surreptitiously substitutes Sammy’s map for his own, which he pretends is the one he has always had. McCune demands to take over the leadership of the expedition, in return he will give the others a small share in the mine. Although they distrust him, the three reluctantly agree. While resting up for the next day all the men posture about, demonstrating excellent marksmanship with pistols.

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