The Tomorrow Man 2002 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

The Tomorrow Man 2002 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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Tomorrow Is Not Just Another Day….It’s Another TIME.

Larry Mackey is a blue-collar dad in the 1970s, determined to make a better future for his young son. A future that’s coming a lot faster than he thinks… When a depraved gang of time travelers from 2000 cross Larry’s path, he’s accidentally forwarded, where he discovers he’s the reason his grown son has become a gangland murderer. Now he must make every minute count in his second chance of a lifetime to set things right. —Ciaran O’Shea

A band of outlaws from present-day Los Angeles, lead by the notorious killer Mac (Morgan Rusler), who faces the death penalty in nine states, travel 30 years into the past by means of a hand-held time machine stolen from a secret government agency. Once the gang of villains lands in Richard Nixon’s America, Mac kidnaps young Bryon Mackey (Adam Sutton), and transports him to present-day L.A. Larry Mackey (Corbin Bernsen), the boy’s distraught father, hitches a ride 30 years into the future with time cop Vick (Beth Kennedy), who has been chasing the criminals. Larry hopes to rescue his son, but what he learns will change his life forever: The bloodthirsty Mac is sweet little Bryon as a grown man. Larry must deal with the painful knowledge that he raised a maniac — and now he must defeat him in order to save his young son.

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