Time Lapse 2014 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Time Lapse 2014 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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Once you’ve seen the future, you can’t look away.

Three friends discover a mysterious machine that takes pictures twenty-four hours into the future and conspires to use it for personal gain until disturbing and dangerous images begin to develop.

Three friends discover a time machine that takes pictures of the future. They begin to use it to win race bets and everything goes fine till one gets greedier than another. They begin to lose faith in each other giving a sense of backstabbing as uglier truths unfold in the photos and the situation soon gets out of control. —Keith Francis

TIME LAPSE explores the possibilities of time travel through a machine that is capable of taking pictures 24 hours into the future. When three friends discover this mysterious machine in their neighbor’s apartment, they encounter a number of pressing questions, not least of which is the whereabouts of their neighbor. Realizing the potential impact of the machine, Finn (Matt O’Leary), Jasper (George Finn), and Callie (Danielle Panabaker) attempt to cash in on their discovery. But, when a dangerous criminal learns their secret, the friends must set aside their differences and confront the paradox of a future that was once predetermined and entirely uncertain. Using an engaging blend of action, humor, and philosophy, TIME LAPSE is an original thriller that not only keeps the audience guessing but also explores questions of pre-determination, free will, and destiny. (C) Xlrator

Plot: Spoilers?
Finn (Matt O’Leary) is a painter with a creative block, who lives together with his girlfriend Callie (Danielle Panabaker) and his best friend Jasper (George Finn) in an apartment complex where Finn works as a manager. Because elderly tenant Mr. Bezzerides (informally called “Mr. B” by the protagonists) has not paid his rent in two months, Callie checks on him and discovers a strange machine in his apartment that takes Polaroid photos of their living room’s picture window—apparently 24 hours in the future, always at 8 pm, although Mr. B’s photo display includes daytime photos and is missing some photos. The friends check Mr. B’s storage unit and find his inexplicably charred corpse; he has apparently been dead for a week. Gambling addict Jasper pushes to use the machine to win bets but loses, and the next day’s photo confirms they will do just that. It also shows that Finn has finally created a new painting; copying the work in the photo gets him past his block. Based on what happened to Mr. B and notes in his journal, they theorize that they have to make sure the events in the photos—whatever they may behave to occur, or their timeline will stop, and they will, therefore, cease to be.

Several days go by. The friends cover up Mr. B’s disappearance, including lying to the complex security guard, Big Joe, claiming the old man is in the hospital. After a week they get a disturbing photo: Callie kissing Jasper, while Finn paints in the background. Feeling that they have to do what’s in the photos, they pose at 8pm the following night. But the actual kiss goes on too long while Finn paints, and he gets angry and jealous.

The next photo shows Jasper’s violent bookie Ivan at the apartment. Not knowing why he would be there, Jasper calls him the next morning, saying he won’t be making any bets that day. The call raises Ivan’s suspicions and he visits Jasper that night, learning of the machine. Ivan forces the friends to now pose for the photos with many more event results for Ivan to make bets on. Finn and Jasper’s friendship is strained by these events, as Ivan will be keeping each night’s photo, preventing Finn from seeing his painting. Jasper manages to get a cellphone picture of the next photo before giving it to Ivan’s goon, Marcus. This photo shows a hastily made skull and crossbones on the canvas, which Jasper believes is a warning to themselves, so he hides weapons (a kitchen knife, golf club, and hammer) near the couch.

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