Timestaler 1987 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Timestaler 1987 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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It’s way past time, to kill the future
From the Wild West to the 26th century… a chase through the past to the future!

Scott McKenzie, a history professor, becomes involved with two-time travelers from the year 2586 after making a discovery in an old photograph from 1886.

The “history is inviolate” theory so chillingly elucidated in Ray Bradbury’s The Sound of Thunder is recycled for the made-for-TV Timestalkers. William Devane plays a genially eccentric professor who teams with time traveler Lauren Hutton to prevent the course of history from being disastrously altered. In a manner slightly reminiscent of the 1984 movie hit The Terminator, Devane, and Hutton must deal with Klaus Kinski, a mad scientist from the 26th century, who plans to hopscotch through time, spreading death and destruction wherever he goes. The odyssey takes the main characters to all manner of locales, including the Old West. Veteran actor Forrest Tucker made his final screen appearance in Timestalkers, which originally aired March 10, 1987.

Available from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3844RHT

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