Twice Upon a Yesterday 1998 — aka The Man with Rain in His Shoes — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Twice Upon a Yesterday 1998 — aka The Man with Rain in His Shoes — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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In the game of love, three’s are wild.

A shambling, out-of-work actor, desperate to win back the affections of his ex-girlfriend, unexpectedly stumbles upon a way to turn back the clock. —Delouz (

Victor, an out of work actor, tries to stop his ex-girlfriend, Sylvia, from marrying another man. When she refuses him, Victor is miraculously given a second chance to go back and correct the mistake which led to their break-up. —Lisa Dowling (

Unfaithful, out-of-work actor Victor is desperate to win back the affection of his ex-girlfriend Sylvia before she marries another man, Dave Summers, but she is resolutely against this. Unexpectedly, he meets two very strange Spanish dust-men who, by means unknown, turn back time and allow him another chance to correct his mistake. However, fate again plays a hand and Dave and Sylvia meet, this time via Sylvia’s best friend Alison, and again fall in love. This time around Sylvia is the unfaithful one and eventually leaves Victor to be with Dave. Desolate Victor can’t believe his luck until he meets the beautiful Louise. Is this Victor’s destiny of does fate have more tricks to play? —Mark Smith (

Maria Ripoll made her feature directorial debut with this witty Spanish-British romantic comedy, set in London, where actor Victor (Scottish actor Douglas Henshall) is drunk and upset over former girlfriend Sylvia (Leana Headley) and her upcoming marriage in 48 hours to Dave (Mark Strong). In the rain, the wet and drunk Victor meets two Spanish sanitary workers, Don Miguel (Eusebio Lazaro) and Rafael (Gustavo Salmeron), and their Spanish poetry quotes cue special effects and time travel. Tossed back in time, Victor is now able to begin a relationship replay with Sylvia, so he immediately begins an effort to keep her from meeting Dave. The situation gets sticky, however, when he drops into a local pub and meets gorgeous barmaid Louise (Spanish actress Penelope Cruz). London locations show activities during the Notting Hill carnival. Shown at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Plot: Spoilers?
Victor (Henshall) is an actor in London who is desperate to stop his ex-girlfriend, Sylvia (Headey), to whom he was unfaithful, from marrying another man. After meeting two mysterious dustmen, he is given the chance to travel back in time and relive his romance. However, he finds that things develop differently this time around—Sylvia has an affair with Dave (Strong), and she leaves him.

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