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3 ways To Make $100 A Day On Your Smartphone

So my goal for this video was to make sure that it didn’t suck, now here’s what I mean. I’ve seen so many videos on youtube, talking about, I found an app that you can take 20k surveys and by the end of the year have $10 but since the cash out is $25 bucks, you’ll just need hustle for another 2 years.

But what I did find was 3 different real ways you can potentially make $100 per day with your smartphone. Some ways require some hustle and some require you chill on the couch, so its a little bit of everything for everyone.

3 ways To Make $100 A Day On Your Smartphone

Basic Idea: 3 different ways to make some extra cash, if you go hard you’ll make more than 100 and if you go soft you’ll make less.

1. So number one: sell your kidney through Facebook, what.. I thought you guys wanted to make real money, you can get up 50k for a healthy kidney
– I always get Dms saying I would do anything for money, and then I ask if they would sell their kidneys and, they just freeze, all the motivation just disappear.

But seriously

1. BookScouter:
With this app, you can scan textbooks and see what they are selling for and then sell them
– However me and my friend took it to another level, we would look through lockers after the semester was over and then sell those
– But.. if you want to talk it to a high level, you search on eBay, Facebook, offer up for textbook and see what they are going for and then just resell on bookscooter or on one of those websites for more.

Ps. You don’t have to be in college to sell Textbooks
– Just check eBay

2. Field Agent: You won’t earn the most money but you’ll probably have the most Fun:
How it works:
– You can make $5 for going to real estate properties and snapping some picks
– Or buy a product and testing it 3$
– Or own win tickets to then get into giveaways (which I don’t trust)

Jobs range from 3-5$ and some are very far away, I did see over 15 different jobs in the $5
So for one day potentially you could earn yourself that $100 bucks and then move on to another app.

What I think: it’s a fun app, you can use and get paid and then come back next month and see what they have available.

3. Foap: pretty cool kinda like Adobe Stock:
How it works: Campaigns and also private accounts
Example: if you like taking pictures, you can grab your smartphone and take a few pictures and put them up for sale s
But: if their’s a Campaign for example for Pepsy, you can upload and submit some of your pictures and if selected they’ll buy them from you.

I think: it’s pretty cool, the more quality pictures you have the better, and if you can advertise it then even better.

4. UserTesting:
How it works:
You’ll basically become like a website tester and get paid around 10 bucks per task.
Example: You’ll need a computer for this one, you’ll have to download some screen recording software they give you.
– And then while you’re testing the website, they’ll ask you find an address on the website or to click a link or something, and once you’re done talking and completing the task they’ll pay you an average of $10.
I think: the goal is 20m for 10$ and If you need some quick cash then its pretty good.

5. Task Rabbit App:
How It Works:
If you want a gig on the side and you want to get paid for: Cleaning, doing deliveries this is one is pretty cool.

You can get paid from 15-$55 per hour.

This is all about high-quality surveys and testing that range from 25- 150 per hour.

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