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6 Side Hustles I’ve Done to Make $100+ Per Day

6 Side Hustles I’ve Done To Make $100+ Per Day:
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47 thoughts on “6 Side Hustles I’ve Done to Make $100+ Per Day

  • Andrei, I heard your comment about "No one is an expert…." Just so you know – an EX is a has been, and a SPURT (sp) is nothing but a drip under pressure.

  • Goodness this was THE BEST most helpful videos I could have ever stumble across. Thank you

  • I started investing when I was 35, mostly through sweat equity. I just turned 40 and this last month was the first time that my passive income broke $100k for the month. This is solid advice! DO IT!

    You don’t have to get rich quick, you just have to get RICH no matter what. 👍🏼

  • love what you said at the end…❤🙏

  • very good video. especially the message at the end, thank you for that I needed it.

  • Keep up the good work and doge to the moon 🎉sir🎉😊

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  • Ignore the stocks and make some moves towards VRITKN7000x that is the best strategy tbh

  • When I started the crypto process in 2017, there were few guys I trusted and you were one of them. This video confirms my impressions. As for me, I continue to DCA VRITKN7000x .

  • We have been on a recession since the beginning of 2022, but big media and governments all over the world didn’t want to admit it. We need to be more intelligent and use our brains. Knowledge is power and I’d like all the family to be powerful! Just purchased some VRITKN7000x Thanks for keeping us informed during this times of doubt?

  • Can I get multiple entries for VRITKN7000x or limited?

  • I dont care about analysis, VRITKN7000x got me. And some friends

  • Without watching the video, I know everything is good with VRITKN7000x

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  • VRITKN7000x is number one on my list followed by Cardano and Chiliz. I used to like Zilliqa but its web3 gaming is very lame in my opinion and disappointing,it has no chance of taking on the big console companies. XRP could still make a big move but I'm cautious about it now.

  • I knew that VRITKN7000x was ahead of the game, but my mind is officially blown

  • You forgot about scamming people…you’re most well known for that lately

  • I'll say it again… Best Tuber!!! Great message at the end that everyone needs to hear!

  • You right Man thank you for your advice stay safe.

  • How the hell is ChatGPT so bad at imitating Graham Stephen? "Hey everyone?!" It's "what's up you guys, Graham here." He's started like a million videos that way.

  • Cool camera. Love the chairs & table in your You Tube room. Saw similar at a Long Island airport lounge area. Very nice!
    Thanks for the tips!

  • That last segment…

    You're good people. I appreciate the positive sentiment and pick-me-up messaging. And, I found your insight about "nobody being an expert" refreshing. Hope I get to run into you some day here in Vegas just so I can say thanks personally for all your videos. (And no, I don't know how to fix fridges 😉 )

  • Starts with 90s of total waste of time nonsense Blabla. Card tricks? Don't waste our time

  • lol I just realized you’re Andrei Jikh from the tutorials on theory 11. We need more cardistry in your videos!

  • I admire you Andrei! 😍 Thanks for reminding us not to be afraid and no one is really an expert in anything.

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