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41 thoughts on “Earn Money By Generating FREE AI Art

  • You're not gonna make money by using a free engine, because the customer has no reason to not use the engine himself instead of buying your stuff. Nothing free will ever give money since free stuff can't be sold, no one will pay for free stuff.

  • How much did the avocado magnet make you?

  • Fuck your stupid little scheme. you're not an artist and your pictures are not art.

  • All you idiots talking about "passion" and being against Ai.

    If you hire a designer for $100 bucks an hour to draw you an image of a poodle with a cracker in it's mouth, that designer will reference a lot of different images to come up with his own interpretation of that poodle and cracker.

    Since he's taking his time and he's skilled at drawing, and there's money involved, it seems legitimate. It seems ethical and moral. You're "hiring" him to draw, and he's using his expertise and imagination from what he's seen in the past to draw you an image.

    This is how it's been done since the dawn of time.

    Now with the introduction of Ai, it's the same exact thing. It just seems really wrong to a lot of people because it's quick and easy. However, it's not "stealing" anything, and the one judge that claimed images can't be copyrighted from Ai doesn't understand copyright law.

    You can take 100 copyrighted images and take inspiration and certain design elements from each one to draw/sketch your own image. This is perfectly fine. However, if you ask Ai to do it, it's done the exact same way, but since it's fast and hits people in the feels, then it's somehow legally wrong ?

    People don't know what they're talking about. Ai is here to stay. If you're a skilled artist, does it hurt you ? Of course it does. However unfortunate it is though, that's just the way things are coming to be. People went to school for typing, business, etc, and millions of those jobs are being done away with due to Ai. Is that right ? Ohhh I guess not since businesses can do whatever they want, right ?

  • All art is influenced in one way or another, ai is a tool, master it and move with the times or get left behind, great vieo love your content.

  • We should start tracing
    copies of ai generated images because they aren’t copyright by law.

  • Redbubble is a scam. They pay you peanuts for your original work that they keep! And their payment schedule is horrific. They also hv dweebs that reject your art if it is Conservative-bent. For example, i had "animal lives matter"…And they rejected it with a ridiculous woke letter. Ive sold 20 or so items and have yet to see a commission two years later. Youd be better off at the swap meet.

  • Saturated market is a market that is nearly.impossible to enter. Dont waste your timem

  • "free art" 💀 you mean the trashy mish mash made from STOLEN ART fed into the AI.

  • I need your help, I'm a senior citizen and a true beginner can you help me get started.?

  • As an artist that spends a lot of time into my work AI is a big problem for me I used to post my work online but knowing that it will most likely be sucked up into some AI art model just demotivates me, the fact that these models and the people behind it makes me and many other upset, the people that say it’s just a new ‘Tool’ are almost just as cold as the AI itself.
    We are literally coming to a point we’re the world and just us as beings are starting to replace ourselves with a whole other generation of robots, and I honestly hope that I, as an artist goes to heaven before that day in the world comes, if your to lazy to go out and learn how to draw and rather use a scuffed up AI, people are becoming so cold and not even caring anymore it hurts to think that today’s society is turning into a lazy mess of people that are too lazy to learn it’s not fair how artist aren’t getting credited for their hard work and then all of there art is scuffed into a bag with a label of ‘No copy right’ AI art is wrong and it needs to be stopped, if people in the public want to make art then make it!
    Art can be anything but AI is just not the answer it’s unfair and the way they try silence artist is incredibly infuriating, to anyone reading please just if you wanna make art then make art with your own hands are is a magical thing where we can create whatever we want with our own hands, literally anything but AI art is not the answer,Art is a beautiful thing and it should be protected so get a life and start learning it rather than again, sitting on a computer and generating a copy of someone else’s work just slightly edited

  • You don't own the copyright in that image though. It would be wholly legal for me to screencap this, crop the little avocado and sell the exact same product on a less expensive site. There literally wouldn't be anything you could do.

  • What can we do if someone copies oour product on Redbubble?

  • Redbubble are racist scum. They cancel accounts for nothing, pocket your money, and when you send them a picture of yourself to get it reinstated. They ban you if they see you are a minority.



  • you don't own the copyright of ai "art" since its not made by you 🙂

  • If you are an artist/designer don't complain,use this idea as a stepping stone: make more designs and improve on where AI is weak , believe me you are in a better position that one who has no design skill….the power to scale as an artist.

  • Anyone can take the images you generate using AI and use it because its open domain. If someone starts reselling the same stuff as you, you have no copyright claim. While its open domain, you can still infringe on existing copyrighted work if it generates something too similar. Definitely a legally ambiguous thing you're advocating on your channel.

  • No. I hate you and everything you are doing here.

  • I like AI for inspiration only I don't want accidentally steal other artist ideas. But we are inspired by each other so that makes it ok for me

  • As an artist myself, I have serious issues with AI generated art. I follow your channel and occasionally check out your ideas in generating income, but please don't encourage profits from stolen art.

  • congratulations your a narcissist that likes to steal art and a spoiled brat that does not know how to pick up a pencil and go through years of hard work and by the way someday you're going to lie to the wrong person for selling a AI art instead of real art of hard work and dedication

  • Its so fun that I get accused of being an AI artist – that proves that AI steals from us hand artists as my work is recognizable .

  • STOP IT! Softwares and websites like these steal art from real artists who work hard to make real art. Real art is made by real people.

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