How To Get 100 Subscribers EVERY DAY! *2020 TIPS* ๐Ÿ“ˆ Get SUBSCRIBERS On YouTube FAST! (NEW YouTubers)

These are my 2020 tips on how to get 100 subscribers on YouTube! How to get subscribers on YouTube fast is one of my most commented questions and last week, I answered that by covering how to get 1,000 subscribers every week with my advanced YouTube tips. In this video, I’m going to slow it down and cover how to grow a YouTube channel from scratch. This is great for beginner creators who are looking for tips for new YouTubers in 2020! I promise you it’s NOT too late to start a YouTube channel in 2020, and the beginner tips I share in this video will help you finally get your FIRST 100 subscribers on YouTube!

Here are some tips I cover for how to get 100 subscribers on YouTube FAST:

#1 The importance of your YouTube branding.
YouTube branding starts with your YouTube channel name. This is the brand name that youโ€™ll be building an entire YouTube channel around. Iโ€™ve made a video talking about how to think of a good YouTube channel name that you should definitely check out (linked below). The best YouTube channel name will be something short, sweet, and memorable. Make sure it’s something that people can remember easily. Next in your YouTube branding comes your channel layout. This includes your channel profile picture and your channel art. Random people will find your videos and if they see you have a nice profile picture, they might end up going to your channel. If your channel stands out then you have a great chance to gain more subscribers on YouTube when new people find your it. If they see that youโ€™re effort into your channel art, your channel logo, and ideally your channel thumbnails, then thereโ€™s a pretty good chance that youโ€™ll be able to convert a random viewer into a new subscriber!

#2 Upload consistently on YouTube.
This of this kind of like when your favorite TV show comes on every week at the exact same time. You probably get ready and sit down to watch it premiere. YouTube is what a lot of people watch instead of TV these days. So this is a great way to gain more subscribers fast, literally just to upload more often and upload on a schedule. Do your best to follow this schedule and people will keep coming back for every upload. It’ll become a part of their daily routine, which will then help you gain active subscribers fast. From what Iโ€™ve seen, YouTube definitely recommends new viewers to channels that upload often. The reason I think it does that is because those channels are able to keep viewers on YouTube longer.

#3 Take feedback from your audience (constructive criticism).
If someone leaves feedback in the comments, make note of it and try to apply it in the next video. Your subscribers will notice and when they see that you actually listened, theyโ€™ll want to keep coming back in the future because it shows that you care. I believe it’s very important to be active with your community, no matter the size it is. Whether you’re a small YouTuber or a big YouTuber, it will pay off eventually! Your subscribers will be the reason you become successful, so please talk with them as they’re the people who take time out of their day to watch your videos.

#4 Grow your channel by networking and collabing with other creators.
You don’t HAVE to follow this tip to find success but it will definitely make the whole YouTube thing more enjoyable. It can be hard creating alone, so find a way to make friends with others your channel size. They can be bigger, smaller, whatever it is. Just surround yourself with people who have similar goals to you. It will help you be more motivated when youโ€™re trying to create content.

An example in the video: you and someone else both have 10 active subscribers. If you both make videos with each other, some of your subs will go support them, and some of their subs are gonna come support you. That way you both grow together! 10 subs is a small number but itโ€™s a starting point and eventually, small numbers like 10 will add up to 20, then 40, then 80, and so on and so forth. After you collaborate with someone a few times, find someone else to create content with and do the same stuff with them, and just keep evolving with every collaboration you do and youโ€™ll see that youโ€™re slowly working your way up!

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