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How To Get 1,000 Subscribers EVERY WEEK! *NEW 2020 TIPS* 📈 GROW On YouTube FAST In 2020

These are my 2020 tips on how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube! How to get 1000 subscribers fast on YouTube is one of my most commented questions, so in this video I cover how to grow a YouTube channel from scratch, and breakdown how to start a successful YouTube channel in 2020. I promise you it’s NOT too late to start a YouTube channel in 2020, and the tips I share in this video will help you build a foundation on the website to get YouTube subs fast.

I gained over 60,000 subscribers on YouTube in the last year (this averages to gains of over 1,000 subscribers per week) and I’ve learned a lot about what worked for me and what didn’t work for me in 2019, and I’m going to be sharing all that in this video.

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Here are some tips I cover for how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube FAST:

#1 The importance of building a personality on YouTube.
A lot of viewers like to watch YouTubers they can relate to. It’s important to build a personal connection with your audience because it helps them get to know you better. Simple acts such as having your webcam on during a video can help you gain subscribers on YouTube faster. Videos I don’t include my face-cam in have much less watch-time on YouTube, and people usually end up clicking off the video earlier than if I included it. When YouTube notices that people are clicking off a video fast, it’s won’t push the video in front of new viewers. Your personal brand is more than just what you do in your videos. For example, if a viewer watches a video of yours for the first time and decides to leave a comment. If you respond to the comment, that increase the chances of turning a viewer into a subscriber, and that small act will help you gain subscribers faster.

#2 Make Searchable Content on YouTube.
People start out on YouTube by making vlogs because they see others being successful with it. Or they start by uploading gaming commentaries about random topics. If people aren’t actually going on YouTube and searching for that stuff, there’s a pretty good chance your videos wont get a lot of views and you won’t get subscribers fast. If you’re trying to get more subscribers on Youtube, you first need new viewers on your channel. To do that, you need to make content that people on the internet will actually be searching for. It’s crucial for you to take a moment and think about what people are actually searching for on YouTube/Google, then see if you can make a video out of it.

#3 Spend time on Meta Data (Search Engine Optimization).
Everyone knows that YouTube has an algorithm behind it, and if you know how to work the algorithm, that’s how you’ll be able to gain subscribers fast. If you think about it, YouTube itself is a robot that looks at a bunch of different elements and SEO is the most important element on the site. I truly think that the content on your channel is only like 30-40% of what helps grow a YouTube channel. There are certain things that YouTube looks at to decide which videos it pushes out to what people, and which videos are hidden on page 20 of the YouTube search results, that no one will ever see.

#4 Spend Time On Thumbnails And Get Them Right For All Platforms.
Below I’ve linked a video on how to make really good thumbnails. In it I cover everything from font selection, color vibrancy, and a bunch of other stuff too – so it’s definitely worth checking out. I even mention some things in there that a lot of people overlook, like the fact that your thumbnail is smaller on mobile devices, and mobile is actually where most people watch YouTube from. So if your thumbnail is easy to see on PC but hard to see on mobile, you’re missing out on a ton of views.

#5 Join Communities With Other YouTube Creators.
YouTube and Streaming can be very lonely because it’s not relatable for the people around you. Your parents probably don’t understand it and the friends you see everyday probably don’t make YouTube videos. They don’t understand the struggles that you go through. It helps out a lot when you have other friends that understand YouTube. I didn’t have many YouTube friends until the past few years but ever since I’ve had some, it’s been so much easier for me.

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