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How to Make $100/DAY with FREE Traffic (TUTORIAL) – Print On Demand Tutorial with Etsy

Sarah takes $20 & shows how Etsy sellers are turning it into $100/day… PASSIVELY!

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This video reveals how to start a $100/day Etsy business, with just $20, selling print on demand t-shirts and mugs.


Etsy is an online selling platform for unique items. You list your items for sale and people buy it. IT’s super profitable, as over 35 million people come and buy items from stores on Etsy.

The model involves selling stuff like t-shirts and mugs with popular word art, leveraging a print-on-demand service like Printify. This is a Shopify app that prints designs onto various items for your store. When someone comes to your store and orders an item, Printify will be notified of the order. From here, they print the design onto a plain t-shirt and ship it to the customers address from their warehouse.

Basic, white designs with word-art sell super well on Etsy because they make fun gifts for friends & family and the phrases used as word-art are already in-trend.

Step #1: Find Highly Popular, Trendy Phrases/Jokes that are Selling Well

Study your competitors stores by identifying which of their designs are generating most of their sales. To do this: type inside your browser search functionality and type in “people have added this to their cart.” All of the items added to people’s carts would’ve been highlighted so you can easily identify them and sift through them.

Focus on designs that are PURELY simple word art. IGNORE designs that feature images.

Step #2: Repurpose Popular Designs for FREE Using Photoshop

Replicate and repurpose text based art using Photoshop ($9.99/month) or GIMP.

This isn’t copying. Instead, your aim is to make variations of the same product, by modifying the font, font size, colour and orientation of the word art.

Each time you list an item on Etsy it costs you 20 cents, and item stays up on the site for free for 4 months. Our aim is to get to a total of 100 products to “test” and see which are the most popular (making the most sales). So, to do this, create a list of 10 products a day in your spare time using this strategy.

From here, following the Printify tutorial outlined in the video, push the products you created using Printify and add them to your store.

Step #3: Use Search Engine Optimization Techniques in Your Listing

Type in the search bar your main keyword for your niche, then take note of all the keywords that show up under auto-suggest. For example, if you typed PHD as Sarah showed in the video – you can see relevant keywords like “PHD gift” and “PHD graduation gift” people are typing in the search bar.

Take the keywords you’ve taken note of and use add them to your product listing as ‘tags.’ This includes your title and product description. Don’t forget to also add the specific phrase/joke you’re using. Consumers hardly read titles on Etsy, they focus on the images, so feel free to keyword stuff.

(EXTRA TIP: When writing your description, don’t just put two lines of text. Spend time and look at top selling stores and base your description off of what they do so that it looks professional and trustworthy.)

*The next 3 BONUS steps do require an additional $80 to start, pushing our $20 start-up to $100*

#4: Create Discount Coupons for Your Item and Give it to Your Friends

Go to the coupon creator inside your Etsy account and apply a 99% off coupon to your product with a no order minimum requirement. Give the coupon to your friends and make sure they create their own Etsy accounts.

#5: Have 5 Friends Each Buy a Different Product from Your Store Using a Search Keyword.

Have your friends sign into their Etsy accounts, go to the search bar, and type in the keyword you’re trying to target. Once they’ve scrolled through the results until and found your mug, get them to click on it.

#6: Have them Buy the Item Immediately Using the Discount Coupon & Reimburse them

Have your friends immediately buy your item without leaving the page. This will indicate to Etsy your product has a high conversion rate of people landing on your item listing to then purchasing it. And as a result, Etsy will push your product closer to the top of the search results!

The discount coupon will drastically drop sales fees. And you can reimburse them the cost of the item and shipping they paid.

#4: Get them to leave a review with a photo

Ask your friends to leave a review and upload a photo of the item they purchased with it. (Hopefully they will leave a 5/5 star positive review!)