Time of the Apes 1987 — A Time Travel Movie Fill Length

Time of the Apes 1987 — A Time Travel Movie Fill Length

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A woman and two children take refuge in cryogenic capsules, only to awake as fugitives in a world populated by anthropomorphic apes.

A young boy and his sister visit their uncle’s laboratory, where scientists are involved with ground-breaking experiments in the field of cryogenics. They have devised a system in which monkeys, and conceivably humans, can be flash-frozen for years and resuscitated later without any ill-effects. While enjoying the grand tour with their uncle’s assistant Catherine, a massive earthquake erupts, and the three of them take refuge in the experimental cryogenic pods. A falling chunk of concrete hits the controls and begins the freezing process. When the trio awakens, they find themselves in a strange world where apes walk and talk like men and wield complete control of their own civilization. Soon they are running for their lives, pursued by an army of primates that has marked them for extermination. Luckily, they cross paths with the only other human left on the planet, a defiant renegade named Godo. He helps them escape from the intolerant apes and together they try to make sense of what has happened to the human race. Time of the Apes was originally a 26-episode Japanese television series that was edited down into this feature-length film and bears more than a passing resemblance to the ideas and makeup effects found in the Planet of the Apes movies. ~ Fred Beldin, Rovi

Available from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2tRRKKW

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